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You show strong analytical skills and you are passionate about family businesses, growth companies, startups or you prefer working for multinational companies. Within Accounting and Controlling you can choose between different types of clients, industries and regions. You want to become a trusted business advisor, who is able to give broad financial advice to clients.

You are analytical and you would like to be the trusted business partner of SME's or international clients and their business leaders.

About Accountancy

You will get to know, step by step, all there is to know about the financial business of a SME or multinational. Your knowledge of accountancy, finance, VAT, corporate tax and corporate law will systematically increase.

Once performing general and analytical accounting, preparing annual accounts and income tax returns do not have any secrets for you, you will be enrolled in more advisory projects.

Along with a multidisciplinary team, you’ll lead the way in assisting clients in their specific needs. At the same time, more financial-strategic challenges will cross your path: drawing the right capital, making different analyses, managing mergers and acquisitions or succession planning. Your role as a trusted business partner of business leaders and their financial teams is close at hand.

All in all, you are going to develop a knowledge of business that is as broad as it is deep. Add valuable professional qualifications to the amazing exposure you’ll enjoy, and it’s the basis of a truly great start to any career.

If you have good communication, personal and analytical skills, you are the candidate we are searching for!

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