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You have a passion for law, but don’t want to work as a lawyer. You’re eager to combine your law expertise with your interest in technology, tax, IT or risk. You’re inquisitive, analytical, and have an eye for detail.

        You have a passion for legal matters

About Legal

You will be part of a multidisciplinary team of Legal Consultants, Tax advisors, Accountants and SME Advisors. Together you will solve complex problems of your clients, and help shaping their business from a legal point of view while broadening your expertise.

Step by step and under the guidance of our experienced Legal professionals, you will build op your knowledge in one or more of the following legal domains: business and commercial law, social law, corporate law, private governance, structuralising of real estate and M&A.

You will get in in touch with every legal aspect there is to know in your expertise domain and you will become a top advisor. You are attracted by the challenges in the complexity of problems and you aim to offer a complete solution to your client.

Job opportunities

Opportunities are available across a wide range of areas:

            Legal Consultant SME - Business / Commercial Law
            @ Antwerp 
            Legal Consultant SME - Estate Planning
            @ Kortrijk
            Legal Consultant SME - Corporate Law
            @ Ghent 
            Legal Consultant SME - Social Law 
            @ Ghent 

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