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Suspense, agility and a rising tide of adrenaline are often sought by many graduates in a career. Strangely however, few of them think to find them in the world of tax. How wrong they are!

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Working in tax will keep you on your toes. Tax law is dynamic and always subject to change, often because of changing political priorities. Globalisation, technological innovation, climate change and resource scarcity, demographic and social change are driving factors in how today’s economies evolve. They also heavily influence how tax law is shaped.

It is fair to say that tax is at the crossroad of law, business and innovation, hence affects corporations, entrepreneurs and individuals in many ways. Not surprisingly, tax is always at the forefront of political debates and is frequently covered in the press. Taxation is under increased scrutiny, with governments becoming increasingly demanding in terms of tax information reporting. Businesses are continuously aligning their internal tax processes and data management systems with these changing requirements.

All this is what makes us so passionate about tax. If you agree, then you should definitely consider starting your career in tax at Deloitte.

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  • Deloitte is one of the most highly regarded tax firms in Belgium and our expertise has won us many rewards.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to work directly with a variety of clients across all sectors, including multinationals, large and small Belgian companies, public institutions, fast-growing start-ups and high net worth individuals.
  • At Deloitte, we have all tax areas covered: large multinational enterprises expect to deal with specialists in corporate tax, employment taxation, VAT, customs, etc.; small & mid-sized companies tend to prefer working with tax generalists. That’s a choice that you will have to make from the start.
  • We provide tailor-made and multidisciplinary tax and legal solutions to address our clients’ business challenges. We not only provide advice, but also assist in the implementation phase.
  • You will work in a young and dynamic international environment, alongside experienced colleagues who will share their knowledge, help you develop your skills on the job, and coach you throughout your career.
  • Our rich and interactive learning programmes are specifically designed to build up and empower your talents throughout your career. They will help you develop solid business skills and a profound tax technical knowledge. Some of the courses take place at the impressive Deloitte University Europe located in La Hulpe.
  • Deloitte lends a helping hand in obtaining valuable professional qualifications (e.g. IAB|IEC, CFA).

Job opportunities

There is no such thing as a typical tax candidate. Many have a master or bachelor in a business-related discipline such as law, economics or accounting. However, non-law and non-economy graduates are also welcome to apply. A master qualification in tax law is an asset, but by no means a prerequisite.

There are job opportunities in following areas:

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