Student programmes

Great ideas need great people

You have left your mark on higher education, and as fresh graduate, this is your chance to go and prove yourself in the real world. This is where it all happens. This is the culmination of years of study. If you’re determined to succeed, we at Deloitte can help make it happen!

Delve into Deloitte’s world of opportunities and put your skills and knowledge to the test – because great ideas need great people, and there’s just no imagining Deloitte without you.

As you progress through your studies you will be eligible to participate in our different programmes.


Graduate programme

Are you a last year Bachelor or Master and ready to start your career?

Then your are eligible to apply for our graduate programme.

Explore Deloitte’s world of opportunities and find your best fit.


Other student programmes

We have three other programmes available to students who are earlier on in their studies.


Summer jobs

We offer last year, second last year and even third last year students the opportunity to get a taste of the professional environment and work as a member of our professional teams during the holidays. These summer jobs are paid and are an excellent first taste of Deloitte and the job you would like to do in the future.

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An internship at Deloitte offers you the opportunity to learn from experienced colleagues and clients in different industries and environments. It also gives you the opportunity to experience what professional life is like and get ahead in your career before you’ve left college or university. We will help you to make a smooth and fluent transition from college student to business professional. Above that, it’s also a way to enhance your CV with practical work experience. This internship period is the best taste you could have of Deloitte!

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Challenging programmes

If you are a former last year student at university you are eligible to apply for the challenging programmes. These programmes contain a variety of unique opportunities where you learn about the job and career opportunities. These are moments where you gain relevant information on how to communicate, network and translate theory into practice.

It is a unique mix of business and pleasure, an experience you will never forget.

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Does all this make you want to get to know us?

Then don't hesitate to take a further look at all the different programmes and apply for the one that suits you the best.

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