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Tax Discovery Day

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19 March 2021 | Virtual event | 09:30 - 11:45

We are looking for fast-thinking problem solvers who want to drive innovation in tax consulting and compliance, and make a lasting impact. You can build your career by working in many different roles, in many different fields, with many different professionals, all within one vibrant and versatile firm.

Join us on Friday 19 March for our Tax Discovery Day if you are graduating in 2021.


What should you expect during this day?

You’ll discover our amazing world of tax during showcases of several technology projects and learn how you can take the next steps to join our team.

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09:30 – 10:00 Welcome & introduction to Deloitte
10:00 – 11:30 Showcases of the innovative tech solutions in Tax
11:30 – 11:45 Closing and Q&A

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Booths Description
Future of Mobility The way we move from A to B is changing. Deloitte aims to accelerate the transformation to the Future of Mobility for people and goods in Belgium. Our team provides consulting and advisory services to clients across the ecosystem, including policymakers, transport providers & enablers, and employers. Join us to learn more and discover how we lead by example in addressing our own mobility behaviours. Interested to hear more? 
Alteryx The business world is transforming rapidly. Digitisation and automation are on everyone’s mind and companies are heavily investing to keep up with recent developments. Big data management, together with automated means of data gathering and data cleansing are in high demand, also at Deloitte. Within our business, we receive large volumes of data that require cleansing, consolidation, processing, analysis and valuable insights. To better serve our clients, we therefore introduced Alteryx, a revolutionary and market leading technology used for data gathering and analysis. Alteryx is a quick-to-implement end-to-end data analytics platform that offers several tools that make data gathering, cleansing and analysis faster and easier. You’ll learn how using these tools drag-and-drop workflows can be created in an interactive environment for data blending, advanced analytics, and to prepare client data for our internal tools.
Remote workers At Deloitte we know that remote working is an integral part of the next now. Organisations need to embed this new reality in their policies and structures to deploy the right talent while managing risks and secure compliance (immigration, labor law, social security and tax). During this session, we will share how Deloitte supports organisations in mapping strategies for the (internationally) mobile workforce and building processes for a solid and agile baseline for the future.
Digital Advisory Wait, that's possible? Awesome! Yep, giving expert level advice within seconds is the next frontier. Whether through standalone software or direct system integrations, we construct everything and anything that takes the repetitiveness out of tax, and build a bridge between tax nerds and IT nerds. Knowledge gathering tools, robotics, using AI and NLP to classify things on the fly, situational VAT advice over API, and building chatbots are a few examples. Join us to learn about the many acronyms, and more, but mostly what they stand for in our visions for the future. 
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