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Deloitte Technology Day

Join our world of Technology | 30 November 2018

Get invited to our exclusive Technology Day at our new Gateway building in Zaventem. Why should you attend? Experience a day in the life of our Technology Transformation & Risk Consultants. Learn about Deloitte, become a part of our team and meet your future colleagues.

About Technology Day

Who are we looking for?

Join us on the Technology Day if you are a graduating student interested in technology. You don’t necessarily need a technical background or specialisation.

We are looking for young motivated talent who want to launch their career in a dynamic environment and who are willing to help our clients with their technology and risk transformations. Key activities are profound analysis of business and technology issues, but also development of recommendations to improve or transform our clients' business.

What should you expect during this selection day?

A day packed with networking and learning, with the potential to be selected for a career at Deloitte. You’ll hear firsthand what work you would get involved in on a day to day basis and get a chance to practice your interview skills during your personal HR interview. During the booth sessions, you’ll meet your future colleagues and discuss potential roles which interest you.

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Take the first steps toward a challenging and rewarding career in a young, dynamic environment. 


Venue & Transport

The Technology Day will be held at our new Gateway Building in Zaventem from 11:00 to 19:00.

How will you get there?

You can make your own transportation arrangements or you can take a shuttle bus organised by Deloitte from a central location in the following cities: Brussels, Antwerp, Leuven, Hasselt , Liège, Ghent and Louvain La Neuve.

Please indicate your preference via the registration form.

Deloitte Technology Day - Introduction

Deloitte Technology Day - Aftermovie 2017

See where you fit in

1. Analytics & Information Management | learn more - Video

We help our clients to make the most of the large amount of information they produce every day in order to better manage their business. We apply information management & analytics technology to help them to transform into Insight Driven Organizations. Our focus areas are Business Intelligence, Analytics, Content Management, Data Management, Data Quality, Data Integration, Document Management and Big Data.

2. Cyber Strategy & Architecture | learn more - Video

As a member of our team, you will help customers identify the cyber security threats they are subject to and the opportunities they have for enhancing their IT security landscape. Together with our Cyber Security experts, you will design tailored security controls and take part in penetration tests to validate the effectiveness of these controls. Our Security Architects will rely on the insights obtained during security strategy sessions to further define the required security solutions of our clients.

3. Deloitte Digital | learn more - Video

Within Deloitte Digital, we focus on digital transformation. By leveraging new technologies and cloud solutions, we empower our clients and allow them to rethink how they connect with their customers across every platform, every device and every step of the customer journey. Our approach is to start from the customer or the user needs, convert them into concepts, design tangible prototypes, and finally develop and implement concrete solutions, always keeping in mind the business impact they entail. Our consultants deliver disruptive innovations, relying on their business and technology knowledge, along with their creative capabilities.

4. IT Risk Consulting | learn more - Video

You will be part of teams assisting CIO’s and Senior Management of organizations to support the successful delivery of their strategic and innovative projects. By facilitating workshops and meetings with different stakeholders (business & IT), you will identify opportunities for enhancing business and IT processes as well as applications and IT infrastructure supporting these processes, and help building the bridge between business and IT. You will have the opportunity to serve a variety of clients across different industries, from multinationals to larger SME’s. Besides the day-to-day on the job learning and coaching in an innovative environment, you have access to several trainings to invest in your career and improve your skills and capabilities.

5. Process Excellence Powered by SAP | learn more - Video

We help organisations reach their business performance goals through transformation programs where SAP technology is one of the key enablers. SAP is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) package that helps our clients to manage their business processes regarding sales, logistics, manufacturing, supply chain, finance and controlling. Each project focuses on the optimization and integration of these processes on the SAP platform in order to achieve business benefits. This technology and our transformation skills support our client’s business strategies and enables people to better do their day-to-day job.

6. Risk Analytics 2.0 | learn more - Video

As a Risk Analytics Consultant, you will serve clients across various industries in helping them turning data into information to better manage the operational & strategic risks. You will work on data mining, statistical and quantitative analysis, as well as explanatory and predictive modelling.
By offering analytics enabled solutions, your team gathers insights from data in order to help clients managing their business risks, and turn these risks into opportunities. Some typical technologies used: R, SPSS, SAS, SQL, Qlikview, Python, ASP.Net, PHP.

7. Extended Enterprise Risk Management Consultant | learn more - Video

As member of our Extended Enterprise Risk Management team you will be part of a dynamic and young group working in an international market. We help organizations to manage risks in working with third parties throughout the value chain, going from suppliers to distributors, resellers, licensees and clients.

Through leveraging your IT and business skills you will assess software license compliance, royalty reporting and supplier compliance on the one hand, and advise companies on Software Asset Management, contract management and third-party risk management on the other hand.You will have the opportunity to serve a variety of clients across different industries. Working abroad in small teams will give you the opportunity to grow fast, take responsibility, adapt to different cultures, and to structure and eventually lead meetings with executive levels at clients.

8. Digital Tax Consulting | learn more - Video

Our Digital Tax team leads the way into optimizing tax processes with tomorrow’s technologies. Data Mining, Analytics or Artificial Intelligence are few of the technologies that impact the way authorities organize themselves. Tax data quality, coming from different sources, has never been so important and this (r)evolution is not to be stopped. Our Digital Tax team helps business to respond and even be ahead by offering process engineering and technology skills combined with general tax expertise.

9. Technology Strategy & Architecture | Learn more - Video

Within the TS&A team, we focus on the alignment of business and IT. We develop strategies and roadmaps for company transformations, design advanced technology solutions and support the execution of new technology implementations.

Our offering also includes advisory services to CIOs, support CXOs with new technology adoption, including the adaptation of their core business and Enterprise Architecture.

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