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So, you are interested in data?

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Using the power of data

A more sustainable supply chain

Our client is a leading global business association for open and sustainable trade. It empowers over 2,000 members worldwide to monitor and improve their supply chains in terms of sustainability and shape a policy environment that supports their success in enhancing human prosperity, responsible usage of natural resources, and driving open trade globally.

Through the organisation’s operational platform, its members can order and review audits on their supply chain to check their sustainability performance, both in social terms (worker treatment etc.), as well as environmental impact.

However, to translate this data into actionable insights for its members, the organisation needed a solution that would visualise and structure the data on a more aggregated level. That is where Deloitte stepped in.

Empowering the supply chain

The poor quality of data in the existing solution resulted in all of the stakeholders being reluctant to use it to make decisions. Having interviewed and organised workshops for the organisation's members, Deloitte developed a new dashboard and platform together with the organisation based on their needs.

Today, the organisation’s members can perform a thorough analysis of their supply chain and make strategic decisions using facts, metrics, and data derived through the dashboard. We also built a self-service reporting solution where the organisation can use its data to make decisions.

Data-driven decision making

With the data available to them now, the members have access to all the information they need to help them to become more sustainable.

They can decide whether to move their sourcing and production from one country with higher risk to a country with lower risk. In addition, they can choose to work with different suppliers if their current suppliers do not meet their standards, for instance if they have a consistently low score on their social or environmental audits without signs of improvement.

As its data partner, we have helped the organisation get more mature in terms of data and analytics, and harness the power of data to become an insight-driven organisation.

This is Nicolas who created the organisation’s platform and dashboard. Would you like to go for a run with him? Do you? Or don’t you?

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