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So, you are data hungry?

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Creating value out of data

Sustainability matters

Data enables organisations to make better decisions and keep moving forward. In the case of our client, having quality data not only enables it to enhance its operations, but also empower its members.

The organisation offers holistic trade, social and environment services to improve the resilience and sustainability of a company’s global sourcing strategy. It provides a range of services to its members to help them gain more insights into the sustainability of their supply chain. In addition to solutions that provide information about individual producers, it also offers a Sustainability Dashboard, which informs members of the performance of their supply chain on an aggregated level.

Data-driven organisations

In 2018, the organisation asked Deloitte to do an assessment of the Sustainability Dashboard and the daily data processes that were behind it to improve the data quality. The assessment revealed that the data was being processed in a way that was undocumented, and the dashboard itself did not answer all the needs of the members.

Together with the client, the decision was made to build a completely new data platform to enable the organisation and its members to become data-driven organisations.

Starting at the source

With the feedback from discussions with the organisation and its members about their needs in mind, we set about to create the new Sustainability Dashboard. As a first step, we started documenting all sources of data that were available and the type of data that they contained. We also defined a coherent set of business rules that was to be applied to the data in order to get the desired output.

Once we had a good overview, we started drafting the necessary data models, striving to design them so that they would answer all of the organisation and its members’ questions today and in the future. During this phase, we also zoomed in on the quality of the data itself, discovering where we needed to perform additional data cleaning and where there were possible gaps.

The organisation and its members now have access to reliable data, which has opened up a world of opportunities to use that data to empower every organisation.

Meet Cecilia. She analyses the data of each of the organisation's members. Would you like to cook with her? Do you? Or don’t you?

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