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Digital Accountant 2.0

Efficient. Proactive. Personalised. Real-time.

Entering numbers and preparing declarations may be important, but it is just the basics. Running a business smartly is essential. In addition to an up-to-date overview of an organisation’s financial situation, the Deloitte Digital Accountant portal provides incisive insights and powerful tools that enable the organisation to keep a close eye on its business, and manage the direction it is heading in.

We created a highly secured digital platform that gives our clients access to their accounting documents and reports, personal messages, and tailored advice from their accountant. The strength of the portal is that it focuses on the data that is relevant for the business.

We offer a clear overview of the way the company is performing financially, designed to keep the business on the rails. The real-time insights are tangible, and always available. Thanks to the digitalisation of our processes, reporting is efficient, fast, personalised and even more accurate. With our ecosystem of business applications integrated with the portal, we can offer a streamlined and digital compliance service. We therefore have more time to advise our clients on their taxes, financials, and operational processes.

The Digital Accountant portal serves as an organisation’s digital dashboard where it can send and receive notifications and focus on the figures that matter to it, anytime, anywhere.

A win-win

By going digital, we want to relieve our clients of their administrative burden. That does not mean that they will lose personal contact. On the contrary, the portal makes it easier to exchange messages with their accountant at all times. Furthermore, the client can open the same reporting dashboards as their accountant, enabling them to look through his/her eyes and read his/her notes and recommendations on the report.

Our clients can easily scan their invoices or upload documents into the portal and our accountants will do the rest. The result? More time for us to focus on their core business while staying up-to-date.

Meet Melanie. She wants to maximse her and her clients’ time. Would you like to make a difference for organisations and people with her? Do you? Or don’t you?

Working at Deloitte

At Deloitte, everyone brings a diverse set of skills to work every day. You’ll also find diversity in clients, projects and a whole world of new connections. It means you’ll work with the best in the business to solve the toughest problems in business. You’ll move up, on and sideways, depending on where you see yourself next. You’ll make big decisions and your own work-life choices. You can make the unique impact you want!

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At Deloitte, we lead the way with innovative technologies so our accountants can focus on giving advice. You too could make an impact by bringing a personalised approach to each client. Watch this video to learn more.