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Digital platforms? Government documents in a box?
All digitally available in one safe place: the eBox

Governments have been going digital for a while now, with many of their agencies offering different digital mailboxes for personal documents. Convenient, but not practical. So, the Belgian federal government decided to make things easier for its citizens by creating eBox with the help of Deloitte.

Different agency mailboxes meant that citizens had to check each one depending on which agency was sending them information, resulting in messages sometimes going unread. Creating one single mailbox for each person would not only be more practical, it would also save a lot of paper, but the platform had to be stable and safe to gain the trust of the citizens.

An IT programme of such a large scale is inevitably paired with many challenges. That’s why the Digital Transformation Office of the Federal Public Service (FPS) BOSA asked us to support them from the very beginning. We helped to define areas of risk and increase the chances of success of the overall eBox programme by reviewing the quality, testing the security, and developing clear guidelines and procedures.

Thanks to the successful collaboration and combined effort with the BOSA team, and its different partners and the federal governments involved, the first version of eBox went live at the end of 2018. The secure and stable platform that successfully integrates all different digital mailboxes in one, now provides a great new digital experience for more than one million Belgian citizens.

With the help of Deloitte, they have easy and safe access to their documents and more than 70 government institutions can reach their citizens in a more efficient way.

This is Jasmine, a Senior Risk Consultant at Deloitte who worked on this project. Want to be invited to her next tennis match? Do you? Or don't you?

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