So you’re not interested in mixing AI and data to help our clients create stronger relationships?
Or are you?

So, you are interested?

High profile, high impact, and highly rewarding. Are you ready to give the best advice to clients facing critical business events where a lot is at stake?

Empowering financial institutions

One platform for all data

We help financial institutions strengthen their relationships by creating cloud data platforms, which bring together data from different systems in one place. With these platforms financial institutions can build stronger relationships with both their customers and their resellers.

It all starts with capturing the requirements of the financial institutions. During business workshops, we delve into even the most complex questions. We analyse what they have and what they don’t have, identify challenges, and define their aspirations.

Those challenges and aspirations are then mapped based on our knowledge of the processes at financial institutions, after which we work toward a to-be solution. Next, we recommend the best implementation approach and develop the implementation roadmap, before building the cloud data platform.

Variety is the spice of life

Our team’s expertise is in demand across Europe, because our innovative solutions truly make an impact. From working with Salesforce to exploring how artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things can help better meet the client’s needs, and predicting the likelihood of a customer leaving the bank based on past data, I enjoy every aspect of my work.

I am also a proud sustainability ambassador with a Deloitte e-MINI. Greening up the fleet by reducing carbon emissions and offering more electric options is a key component of Deloitte’s sustainability goals. Not only do I get to contribute to achieving these goals by opting for the e-MINI, but it’s also the perfect choice as I’m interested in innovation and technology. Driving it feels effortless and the range is great—I even took a road trip from my home in Antwerp to the seaside.

The best of the best

Joining Deloitte means entering a world of opportunities. You’ll be coached by the best experts in the game. The learning curve, which can be tailored to your interests, is as steep as you want it. There’s no doubt that you will get a lot of responsibility, and you’ll always make an impact.

This is Vincent, a business analyst at Deloitte who works in Financial Services. Want to use your skills to unlock data opportunities, just like Vincent? Do you? Or don't you?

Working at Deloitte

At Deloitte, everyone brings a diverse set of skills to work every day. You’ll also find diversity in clients, projects and a whole world of new connections. It means you’ll work with the best in the business to solve the toughest problems in business. You’ll move up, on and sideways, depending on where you see yourself next. You’ll make big decisions and your own work-life choices. You can make the unique impact you want!

Life at Deloitte

Our ambassadors

You can make an impact for organisations across the country by joining our dynamic team of professionals who are committed to driving positive change in the Financial Services industry.