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So, you are interested?

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Empowering the governments of tomorrow

The inside perspective

Conducting internal audits and strategic/operational risk management assessments in the Government & Public Services industry is interesting, challenging, and inspiring. We not only work with smaller organisations, like local governments, but also the regional and federal governments, including all their agencies, and international organisations.

It’s exciting as it provides key insights into how organisations work internally in many domains, and which issues and risks they face and how to deal with them. We are in touch with both the management as well as more operational employees, which adds to the diversity of the job.

Diving into these organisations also means you gain unique insights into broader societal challenges and what is being done on a governmental and/or policy level to address them.

A relationship of trust

We strive to be the trusted advisor or partner of public entities on their way to tomorrow, empowering them to become the governments of the future, by helping them to increase the maturity of their services for citizens and their internal operations.

Technology, innovation and data are essential elements in the governments of tomorrow. We advise, evaluate and build for them, both in terms of audit and implementation or a mixture of the two. For example, we worked on a sustainability project in which we assessed the current car fleet, and advised on greening and transitioning to lower CO2 impact options.

Flexibility and variety are key

I am always busy working with multiple clients at the same time, which ensures my projects are exciting and interesting. It also energises and inspires me to keep giving the best of me.

Working for Deloitte not only provides me the opportunity to grow professionally, but also personally. I get the flexibility I need to manage my work-life balance, meaning that I have the best social life and can pursue my passion for sports too.

This is Jasper, a senior consultant at Deloitte who is part of the Risk Advisory team. Want to turn valuable insights into impactful actions, just like Jasper? Do you? Or don’t you?

Working at Deloitte

At Deloitte, everyone brings a diverse set of skills to work every day. You’ll also find diversity in clients, projects and a whole world of new connections. It means you’ll work with the best in the business to solve the toughest problems in business. You’ll move up, on and sideways, depending on where you see yourself next. You’ll make big decisions and your own work-life choices. You can make the unique impact you want!

Life at Deloitte

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