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Technology is everywhere. From the moment we get up to the moment we go to sleep, we use technology to communicate, learn, work, play, and everything in between.

As a member of Deloitte’s Technology, Media & Telecommunications team and the mother of three children, technology plays an important part in both my professional and personal life. My children use tech to, amongst other, learn languages, while I use tech to empower my clients and my colleagues. It is very exciting to be at the forefront of innovation on a daily basis, seeing the positive impact of technology.

Maximum business value

In Brussels we operate as the Center of Excellence for all the License Compliance Reviews that we perform for different software vendors. For the large part, we conduct those inspections ourselves, and in some countries this means collaborating with local teams. Our team travels across Europe visiting our clients, which enables them to gain an understanding of how the client has set up their environment and what difficulties they are facing, and showcase our expertise.

As an engagement manager, I work on everything from strengthening the partnership with the vendor to aligning with global colleagues and keeping track of budgets and reporting to the partner. I also help our team grow by providing support and training, but most of all by giving them trust.

The Extended Enterprise team helps companies understand their cloud spend and the organisational challenges that appear while moving to the cloud. We use our licensing knowledge to help our clients to solve their puzzle of what licenses can be used in the cloud, and what their different options are.

As the cloud FinOps lead, I’m responsible for building a team of experts, finding opportunities, having customer conversations, and co-delivering projects. I’m also a sounding board for the team members, focusing on creating an open atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable to be their true selves.

Ambassador for change

I am also very proud to be a neurodiversity ambassador at Deloitte. My daughter was diagnosed with autism a few years ago, so I know that people who are neurodiverse have a brain that works a bit differently, which can be a huge asset to a team. I want to help create a workplace where they are included and can feel valued, which is why it great to see Deloitte become more and more inclusive. I hope that when my daughter starts to look for work, neurodiversity isn’t an unknown anymore and she can find a fulfilling job somewhere as well.

With technology impacting so many aspects of our lives, it’s incredibly exciting and rewarding to get to work with the latest tech. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

This is Kim, a senior manager at Deloitte who is part of the Software License Compliance team. Want to help shape the future of the European tech sector, just like Kim? Do you? Or don’t you?

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