Job description

Join our team and apply your analytical mind and people skills to interacting with our clients and delivering insights on financial statements and systems, while discovering many aspects of business and financial services.

Who you’ll be working with

Turning numbers into insights is how our team makes a real and tangible impact to our client’s business. We’re passionate about what we do because we know our role as auditors go far beyond checking figures and financials. Whether it’s working for large international companies or family-owned businesses in different industries such as retail, telecom, pharmacy…, we take the time to analyse what the data means and determine its accuracy and relevance to each business.

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What work you’ll be doing

  • Review and analyse financial reporting of companies by delving deep into the figures and providing insights
  • Develop a thorough understanding for your clients’ business and the risks they face
  • Participate in statutory audits, consolidation, internal control reviews, etc.
  • Build a strong relationship with the CFO, Finance Director or Controller
  • Approve year-end figures, checking the balance sheet and profit and loss account meticulously
  • Advise our clients on a variety of ways to improve controls and business efficiency

How you´ll grow

  • Working as an Auditor provides one of the finest and fastest educations in business imaginable as you learn all aspects of how organisations operate
  • Your tasks and responsibilities will increase as you develop better relationships with your clients and gain more experience
  • Become a leader of your own ´in-the-field´ team (2-4 people)
  • In time, you will have the possibility to specialise in a specific sector (financial institutions, real estate, telecommunications)

What’s in it for you

  • You’ll develop your interpersonal and communication skills through collaborative relationships with the Finance Director, CFO or Controller
  • You’ll develop a generous network of contacts with top specialists
  • You’ll complete world-recognised qualifications as you gain skills through training and coaching

Who you are

  • You have an analytical mind, love details and can still see the big picture
  • You enjoy investigating, interpreting and analysing data and turning them into insights 
  • You understand the importance of audit and business controls and the impact it can have on a business
  • You are service-minded and understand that our clients’ success is our success
  • You are open-minded, enthusiastic, flexible and committed to ethics
  • You have a healthy dose of team spirit and love the diversity different teams bring

What is your educational background?

You have a Masters in (Applied) Economic Sciences, Business Administration, Management, Commercial Engineering, Accounting, Commercial Sciences, Economics, Law and Business Administration, Accountancy & Audit, Finance or any other related (business) degree.