Finance Transformation Consultant

Job description

Join our team and help our clients to design and implement change to their finance organisation, process and systems and align the vision of Finance with their company’s strategic objectives.

Who you’ll be working with

We live in world that is changing – fast. Today, the most important questions businesses need to ask themselves is this: are we changing as fast as the world around us? Our passionate team of financial experts know that keeping up with the pace of change require a willingness to question long-held beliefs and envision where our clients want to go. By aligning the financial vision with the company’s strategic objectives, we help our clients design and implement change in their finance organisation, process and systems, thereby transforming their business.

Applications will reopen as of October 2019

What work you’ll be doing

  • Redefine and implement finance target operating models and assess business cases for a shared service centre
  • Improve our clients’ performance management by enhancing financial management reporting
  • Optimise end-to-end finance processes in Accounting Operations, Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting, Costing or Closing & Consolidation
  • Focus on all finance enablers and improve intelligent finance systems to ensure an adequate fit with finance processes and strategy

How you’ll grow

  • While becoming proficient in the tools and systems, you’ll take on increased responsibility over deliverables and communication with the client
  • Increasingly, you’ll assume more responsibility and manage and mentor junior team members
  • As you grow in your job, you’ll take on a more senior role and subsequently develop a relationship with the client and position Deloitte for other assignments
  • As you become proficient in combining these various skillsets, you’ll supervise and manage all phases of a project and plan project activities and monitor its progress

What’s in it for you

  • You’ll grow your skills and knowledge of what it takes to achieve financial transformation, as well as developing your people skills
  • You’ll work with a team of like-minded professionals with diverse areas of expertise who are eager to share their experience and coach you
  • You’ll have the opportunity to expand your network and your horizons as you travel and work abroad

Who you are

  • You’re conscious of the role of financial change management and have the people and communication skills to support change
  • You combine intellectual curiosity with creativity to turn bright ideas into brighter solutions
  • You blend outstanding analytical skills with solid business acumen
  • You have an innate concern to know the business and are fascinated with industry trends and market dynamics
  • You’re people minded, nimble and sensitive to your environment

What is your educational background?

During your education, you have developed an interest in financial operations. You have a background in business orientation such as a Masters in Commercial Engineering, (Applied) Economics, (Financial) Management or Civil Engineering.