Organisational Transformation & Change Consultant

Job description

Join our team and support our clients in the development of their talent strategies and advise them on the design and implementation of global HR transformation programmes.

Who you’ll be working with

It’s not simply enough to have the right people doing the right things at the right time. They all need to fit into the right structure. Our team of broad-based business consultants understands that people cannot succeed without the optimal operating model. Specialise in integrating people issues with organisational strategy and transformation, we enhance our clients’ organisational performance, productivity and profitability through its people.

Applications are closed

Stay tuned and apply in the future.

What work you’ll be doing

  • Work directly (primarily on-site) with our diverse client base on culture change and transformation programmes
  • Support our clients in developing and implementing talent strategies
  • Guide clients in Organisational design projects and change management during implementation
  • Develop our clients through training and workshops in Organisational design and transformation
  • Advise our clients on the design and implementation of HR strategies, processes and technologies

How you’ll grow

  • By working with our varied national and multinational clients across industries and governmental agencies, you’ll expand your understanding of the diverse challenges facing organisations of all types
  • Increasingly, you’ll learn how new target operating models can transform organisational performance
  • As you grow in the job, you’ll develop your skills in both the organisational psychology and technology areas of this critical area of consultancy
  • As you develop in seniority, you’ll gain additional responsibility for business development by building and delivering business proposals on various human capital topics
  • Having developed your management skills, you’ll lead your own teams, passing on your experience through coaching and developing others

What’s in it for you

  • You’ll develop your skills where your interests lie, either working from a more psychological perspective on a culture change or with change motivated by technology adoption
  • You’ll work with a team of like-minded professionals with diverse areas of expertise who are eager to share their experience and coach you
  • You’ll have the opportunity to expand your network and your horizons as you travel and work abroad

Who you are

  • You believe in people as a critical success factor in companies
  • You understand that organisational structures can evolve to become suboptimal
  • You have the analytical insight, intellectual curiosity and vision to develop more efficient operating models
  • You’re people minded and sensitive to your environment
  • You’re conscious of the role of change management and have the people and communication skills to support change

What is your educational background?

You have a Masters in Psychology, Sociology, Political Sciences, Social Economics, HR Management, (Applied) Economics or Commercial or Civil Engineering.