Supply Chain & Operations Consultant

Job description

Join our team and advise both public and private sector clients on how to maximise the way they execute their strategy in terms of their decision-making, operational processes and internal control environment.

Who you’ll be working with

The supply chain begins with sourcing raw material and finishes when the end-product reaches the customer. But there are multiple elements within this flow and how it’s all connected is critical to the business. If it’s inefficient, so is the organisation. We get that. That’s why our multidisciplinary team of supply chain specialists assists our clients in leveraging their supply chain as a strategic capability and source of competitive advantage rather than focusing on functional excellence.

What work you’ll be doing

  • Interview our clients to thoroughly understand their business needs and identify the root causes of inefficiency
  • Perform data analyses to bring new insights and identify potential for improvement
  • Present your outcome and findings to your project team members and our clients
  • Define the causes and design solutions for our clients’ issues in: the set-up and execution of a global supply chain transformation, inventory optimisation, redesign of a worldwide distribution network, set-up of Sales & Operations Planning, procurement spend analysis, operational excellence, Supply Chain Analytics, strategic sourcing and much more

How you’ll grow

  • By working with our varied national and multinational clients across industries and governmental agencies, you’ll be faced with deep and complex Supply Chain issues
  • Increasingly, you’ll manage a project and team to achieve an expected outcome
  • As you grow in the job, you’ll develop your skills in both the organisational psychology and technology areas
  • As you develop in seniority, you’ll deliver insightful proposals to clients, showcasing our understanding of their business, trends and business challenges
  • Having developed your management skills, you’ll nurture collaborative client relationships with senior client personnel, making you their trusted advisor on all supply chain related topics

What’s in it for you

  • You’ll work alongside experts in the entire Supply Chain and Operational excellence fields on some of the most complex supply chain projects in the world
  • You’ll engage with experienced and motivated consultants and managers with diverse areas of expertise who are eager to share their experience and coach you
  • You’ll have the opportunity to expand your network and your horizons as you travel and work abroad

Who you are

  • You understand the critical importance of the end-to-end supply chain to organisations
  • You’re excited by the recent developments in both supply chain design and new technologies in the supply chain environment
  • You combine intellectual curiosity with creativity to turn bright ideas into brighter solutions
  • You blend outstanding analytical skills with strong business acumen
  • You’re fascinated with industry trends and market dynamics

What is your educational background?

During your education, you have developed an interest in supply chain. You hold a Masters in Civil or Commercial Engineering with a major in Supply Chain or Operations.