Junior Risk Officer

Job description

Join our team and work in a young and dynamic environment where you help assess and mitigate significant competitive, regulatory and technological risks across the firm.

Your team

As a member of the Practice Protection Group (internal risk team), you will be part of a team that together with the functional risk teams aims to facilitate effective risk management throughout the firm covering both client-related and operational risks

Effective risk management is not about avoiding or eliminating all risks. Rather it is about identifying, understanding and managing the risks we do take. Effective risk management creates a competitive advantage while at the same time doing the right thing. The PPG team brings in-depth knowledge to the table when addressing risk management matters.

Applications are closed

Stay tuned and apply in the future.

Your role

As a Junior Risk Officer, you will:

  • Execute tasks that assist the client in engagement acceptance procedures, within the Quality, Risk and Reputation Strategy and in close cooperation with the Quality & Risk Director, PPG Expert and other stakeholders
  • Perform document background checks, analyze group structures, identify and follow-up on required information for identification and verification of anti-money laundering requirements and preparing a preliminary quality & risk assessments and recurring analysis or engagement details
  • Prepare solutions to and follow up on issues with regard to quality & risk files to ensure that the best possible service can be offered to internal customers in close cooperation with all stakeholders
  • Assist in the realisation of projects related to the Quality and Risk area
  • Adopt a customer-oriented attitude by guiding stakeholders and offering them the most appropriate solution and excellent service

Your future

As you become more senior, you will:

  • Act as an Account Manager towards the different business lines
  • Have the opportunity to work on different projects by supporting the PPG Director