Valuation, Actuarial, Risk & Regulatory Services Consultant

Job description

Join our dynamic and dedicated team and deliver a wide range of assignments to our clients, national institutions and/or international financial groups in the banking, asset management, insurance, and payment industries.

Your team

As a member of the Valuation, Actuarial, Risk & Regulatory Services team, you will work in a dynamic and dedicated team that focusses on delivering a wide range of assignments within the Financial Services Industry. The senior colleagues in your team will guide you and share their knowledge and experience. Being part of the largest professional services firm in Belgium, you will work in diverse and international teams for clients that are national institutions and/or international financial groups in the banking, asset management, insurance, and payment industries.

Financial Actuarial Risk Advisory

Your role

As a VAR² Consultant, you will be involved in one or more services across a variety of financial industry segments.

In Valuation, Pricing and Analytics, you will:

  • Provide expert accounting, risk management and valuation advisory services
  • Participate in audits and implementations of valuation and risk models in areas such as equity or interest rate derivative pricing, and review the accounting treatment and disclosures of financial instruments
  • Use your quantitative background to master advanced predictive modelling techniques to help clients solve complex business problems in a variety of areas

In Insurance & Actuarial Services, you will:

  • Design, implement, review and audit quantitative models for the calculation of insurance liabilities and capital requirements
  • Advise on balance sheet management issues, like stochastic reserving, economic capital, ALM, and replicating portfolios
  • Contribute to our growing number of assignments in the domain of Solvency II and IFRS

In Regulatory Risk & Compliance, you will:

  • Provide innovative advice and solutions to financial services firms facing regulatory and compliance issues (such as MIFID, UCITS, AML)
  • Be involved in implementing regulations, striking the right balance between regulatory compliance and business objectives
  • Help decipher an often intimidating mass of regulation so clients can adopt and implement requirements or remediate sore points / painful areas / difficulties following regulatory inspections

In Risk & Performance Solutions, you will:

  • Provide a wide array of services to enhance value by focussing on risks and opportunities inherent in every facet of the activities of financial institutions
  • Advise our clients on risk management matters (e.g. Basel III, Solvency II, Strategic Risk, Stress Scenario Analysis, …)
  • Assess, analyse, and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of risk governance, internal control, data quality and processes for performance and risk management

Your future

As you become more senior, you will:

  • Have the opportunity to learn how to delegate tasks
  • Coach your colleagues
  • Take the lead on projects
  • Deal with clients on a senior level
  • Continue to develop your management competencies