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For our job family Business, Operations & Technology, we are looking for motivated High Young Potentials who want to launch their career in a multidisciplinary and dynamic environment and who are willing to help our clients with their strategy, process and technology related matters.

Key activities are profound analysis of business and technology issues, but also development of recommendations to improve or transform our clients' business. You will work in dedicated teams, together with more senior colleagues who will guide and share their knowledge and experience. When you start in Business, Operations & Technology, you will learn all there is to know about business processes, technology and how to apply this in practice as well as to develop your task management skills.

Job descriptions

Below you will find a variety of jobs that covers Business, Operations & Technology

Business Transformation Consultants

Strategy Consultant 

In your role of Strategy Consultant, you will assist senior team members in the analysis of strategic and organisational issues of our clients. You will help clients solve complex issues with direct impact on business results. They range from helping to define corporate strategies and plans, optimise pricing and profitability, and to improvement performance in various domains of strategic importance such as sales, marketing and finance. 

Finance Consultant 

As a Finance Consultant, you will support our clients and contribute to a wide range of finance transformation projects by:

  • Helping CFOs to align their vision with the company strategic objectives, and translating that Vision into concrete initiatives. 
  • Transforming Finance organisations by (re)defining & implementing finance target operating models.
  • Improving enterprise performance management e.g. by optimising financial & management reporting 
  • Optimising finance processes, e.g. in the areas of Accounting Operations, Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting, Costing or Closing & Consolidation.
  • Focusing on all Finance enablers, namely people, organisation, processes and systems.
  • Improving Finance systems to ensure adequate fit with finance processes & strategy.
  • Supporting project and change management during the implementation phases.  
Operations Consultant 

As an Operations Consultant, you will work with clients to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their overall operations. Examples of projects are global supply chain transformation, procurement, logistics and distributions network redesign, organisational strategy and design, cost reduction, and process re-engineering. You will advise both public and private sector clients on ways to maximise the way clients execute their strategy in terms of their decision-making, operational processes and internal control environment. 

Business Process Risk Consultant 

As a Business Process Risk Consultant, you will make sure the client can focus on the definition and execution of its risk management strategy, by taking care the internal business processes are well managed. You will work together with the client to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the business process, systems and organisation. Doing so, you will look at sales, marketing, procurement, payment and other processes. 

Organisation & Change Consultant

As an Organisation & Change Consultant, you will focus on integrating people issues with organisational strategy. You elaborate change action plans by understanding people and organisation dynamics and identifying critical moments to ensure successful transformations. This in order to enhance client's organisation performance, productivity and profitability. Topics are organisation design, change management and enhancing the HR function.

Technology Transformation & Risk Consultants

Business Technology Consultant

As a Business Technology Consultant, you will assist clients in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their business processes and technologies. These can be in the areas of procurement, production and logistics, finance and controlling, human resources or marketing and sales. You will analyse and optimise business processes, and summarise complex clients’ requirements to a level everyone understands. You will then translate those business requirements into technology requirements and configure end-to-end solutions, meeting the clients’ business needs.

Technology Engineer Consultant 

As a Technology Engineer Consultant, you will provide technical expertise in evaluating and developing technology solutions in areas such as mobile and web applications, business intelligence, data warehousing and document management. Typical technologies used: Java, .Net, SAP BI/Business Objects, IBM Cognos and Datastage, QlikView, SharePoint, OpenText and a variety of databases. 

Technology Architect Consultant 

As a Technology Architect Consultant you are in charge of translating the client’s business strategy into IT solutions. You will advise and support clients in IT strategy & alignment and IT innovation. You will provide support for architecture assessment through architecture set-up, IT operating models and processes.

IT Risk & Governance Consultant

You will play an important role in helping clients manage their IT risks. You will identify opportunities for improvement and help building the bridge between business and IT, working as a consultant on IT Governance, IT processes, IT auditing, IT Quality, Project Risk Management and (out)Sourcing risk advisory. You will have the opportunity to work across industries and organisation types, each bringing new knowledge and insights into your professional career. With innovation and coaching as key elements in Deloitte’s DNA, together we will set the standard of excellence.  

Cyber Security & Privacy Consultant 

As a Cybersecurity and Privacy consultant, you will work on engagements in the field of information security, data protection and privacy, cyber defense, penetration testing and ethical hacking. This, from a technical as well as from an organisational and sometimes even compliance perspective. You will help clients identify IT (cyber) security risks, develop pragmatic data protection and privacy strategies as well as assist in implementing solid security and privacy controls. 

Contract, Risk & Compliance Consultant 

In your role as a Contract, Risk & Compliance Consultant, you help the client identifying, evaluating and mitigating risks associated with external business relationships. Your team will help organizations improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their contract compliance monitoring processes, controls and software asset management. 

Data Analytics Consultant

As a Data Analytics Consultant, you help the client with integrating, validating and manipulating data. You will work on data mining, statistical and quantitative analysis, as well as explanatory and predictive modelling. By offering analytics enabled solutions, your team gathers insights from data in order to help clients managing their business risks, and turn these risks into opportunities. Some typical technologies used: R, SPSS, SAS, SQL, Qlikview, Python.

Digital & Web Consultant

In your role as Digital Consultant, you advise digital change, helping your client to exploit social media, web and mobile environment to strengthen their brand and grow their business. You will define and optimise digital strategies and support the client through digital and multichannel transformation programs.

Application Support Engineers

As an Application Support Engineer, you are passionate about client service and working with software. You will support clients by providing expert solutions for complex technical issues. You will be the expert in problem tracking, diagnosis and creating innovative ways to find solutions. As a trusted advisor, you observe trends with technical issues and recommend improvements. You will maintain and improve applications (ERP, CRM) for our customers.

Business Consultant KMO/PME

As a Business Consultant KMO/PME you will deal with the many business needs of our clients in the small and medium-sized enterprises in Belgium. As a trusted advisor to family owned companies, you will provide strategic consultancy and financial management services. You will help implementing financial, reporting and business technology aiming to increase efficiency and business control.

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