Finance, Audit & Accountancy

Job family

For our job family Finance, Audit & Accountancy we are looking for motivated High Young Potentials who want to launch their career in a multidisciplinary and dynamic environment and for whom financial statements have no secrets.

When you start within Finance, Audit & Accountancy you will learn all there is to know about financial processes and how to apply this in practice, as well as to develop your task management skills. You will understand all aspects of finance, audit and accountancy to help our clients execute and record their financial transactions in the best possible way, respecting all legal and ethical rules. As you grow in your job, you will take on a more senior role and you will have the opportunity to learn how to delegate tasks and how to coach your colleagues. When you get more proficient in combining these various skill sets, you may take the lead on projects, deal with clients on a senior level and continue to develop your management competencies.

Job descriptions

Below you will find a variety of jobs that covers Finance, Audit & Accountancy.

Financial Consultant

In your role of Financial Consultant, you will advise our clients in all their finance management related challenges such as planning, budgeting and forecasting, reporting, consolidation, closing, internal controls, risk, ... . Initially, your focus will be on process and financial analysis, using process mapping techniques, workshops, financial modeling (including valuation of financial instruments), and you will design processes and/or configure applications to support the client's financial needs. As you increase your knowledge and experience, you will also become involved in the (re)design of financial processes and in developing and implementing recommendations. Next to that, we are also looking for Financial Consultants to join our Financial Advisory Services team that addresses mergers, acquisitions, disposals and restructurings and real estate services. In that role, you will provide advice, support and solutions for commercial, operational and transaction challenges the client faces.

Accountancy Consultant

As a starting Accountant Consultant you will get to know, step by step, all there is to know about the business of a KMO/PME. Here, your profound knowledge of accountancy, finance, VAT, corporate tax and corporate law will systematically increase. You will be complying general and analytical accounting, preparing annual accounts and income tax returns. Once these tasks do not have any secrets for you, you will be enrolled in more advisory projects as an Accountant-Tax Consultant. More financial-strategic challenges will cross your path e.g. drawing the right capital, guiding of take overs, putting up return analysis, guiding mergers and acquisitions or succession planning. Your role as a trusted business partner of business leaders and their financial teams are close at hand.


Working as an Auditor provides one of the finest and fastest educations in business imaginable. Being part of the largest professional services firm in Belgium, you will work in a multi-disciplinary team for large national companies, multinationals as well as for mid-sized and family-owned businesses. You will discover many aspects of business and financial services, including statutory audits, consolidation, due diligence, fraud research, internal audits and many more. Depending on your competencies, you will get the possibility to take on more responsibilities and to evolve in a role as US GAAP, IFRS or FSI Auditor or specialise yourself in auditing mid-market and family-owned businesses.

Financial Sector Auditor

Working as a Financial Sector Auditor provides one of the finest and fastest educations in business imaginable. Being part of the largest professional services firm in Belgium, you will work in a multidisciplinary team for our FSI (Financial Services Industries) department. FSI mainly
focuses on the Banking, Insurance & Asset Management industries and offers a wide array of services that are specifically designed for them. You will discover many aspects of the audit services, including statutory audits, consolidation, internal control & risk management reviews and many more.

As a Financial Sector Auditor you will:

  • develop an understanding of your clients’ business & activities and the risks they face;
  • test the efficiency of the internal control system and review the design and implementation of internal accounting and operating procedures;
  • review the risk management organization and use the outcome of their processes;
  • provide recommendations for improved controls and enhanced business efficiency;
  • approve year-end figures, checking the balance sheet and profit and loss account thoroughly;
  • gain an understanding of the figures through performance of analytical procedures on the figures;
  • review financial reporting of companies.

Your tasks will gradually evolve and your responsibility within the firm will increase. Once you know your clients well, you will build a good relationship with the Finance Director, CFO, Risk manager and Controller. You will get a good understanding of your client’s processes, and in most cases you are the first point of contact when others have questions.

Accounting & Controlling Professional

As an Accounting & Controlling Professional you will be part of a team which delivers a large range of services in accounting, tax and finance & control to international clients. We provide qualified people to fill temporary or long-term needs in clients’ finance/accountancy departments. As an Accounting & Controlling Professional you are active in domains such as accounts payable/receivable, general ledger, cost accounting, financial planning, closing and tax returns. Based on your competencies and the needs of the client, you will always be deployed to challenging short- or long-term projects. 

IT Audit Consultant

As an IT Audit Consultant you will perform challenging projects at clients across industries. You will link business to underpinning IT systems. You will keep up with information technology trends and emerging risks that impact our clients, ranging from compliance risk and IT risks to financial risks. Client focus and an analytical mindset will help you identify and manage risks and improve IT processes and controls. With innovation and coaching as key elements in Deloitte’s DNA, together we will set the standard of excellence.

As an IT Audit Consultant you will

  • analyse how the organisation, processes and IT systems work
  • understand business process controls, application controls and IT controls
  • audit IT organisations, IT processes and IT systems against regulations, standards and good practices such as COBIT and ITIL
  • evaluate processes, risks and controls
  • identify what & how to improve business processes and reduce the residual risk
  • propose practical solutions to the client, most likely to Management or the Board of Directors
  • work in self-managing teams and take responsibility to manage your work
  • gradually grow into taking charge of audits and coaching and leading teams
  • facilitate meetings, validate finding and obtain agreement
  • grow into commercial, recruiting, and many other challenging roles

Valuation, Actuarial, Risk & Regulatory Services Consultant (VAR2)

As a Valuation, Actuarial, Risk & Regulatory Services Consultant (VAR2), you will work in a dynamic and dedicated team that focusses on delivering a wide range of assignments within the Financial Services Industry. Being part of the largest professional services firm in Belgium, you will work in diverse and international teams for clients that are national institutions and/or international financial groups.

You will be part of a dynamic team that draws together specialist knowledge and Financial Services Industry experience. In order to advise our clients in the banking, asset management, insurance and payment industry, we are looking to strengthen our team with different competencies. 

In your role of VAR2 Consultant, you will be involved in one or more of the following services across a variety of financial industry segments:

  • Valuation, Pricing and Analytics: as a financial instrument expert who provides expert accounting, risk management and valuation advisory services, you will participate in audits and implementations of valuation and risk models in areas such as equity or interest rate derivative pricing and review the accounting treatment and disclosures of financial instruments. With your quantitative background, you also master advanced predictive modeling techniques to help clients solve complex business problems in a variety of areas.
  • Insurance & Actuarial Services: you will design, implement, review and audit quantitative models for the calculation of insurance liabilities and capital requirements, advise on balance sheet management issues, like stochastic reserving, economic capital, ALM, replicating portfolios and contribute to our growing number of assignments in the domain of Solvency II and IFRS.
  • Regulatory Risk & Compliance: you provide innovative advice and solutions to financial services firms facing regulatory and compliance issues (such as MIFID, UCITS, AML). You will be involved in implementing regulations, striking the right balance between regulatory compliance and business objectives. You will help decipher an often intimidate mass of regulation so clients can adopt and implement requirements or remediate sore points / painful areas / difficulties following regulatory inspections.
  • Risk & Performance Solutions: you will provide a wide array of services to enhance value by focusing on risks and opportunities inherent in every facet of the activities of financial institutions. You will advise our clients on risk management matters (e.g. Basel III, Solvency II, Strategic Risk, Stress Scenario Analysis, …); assess, analyse, and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of risk governance, internal control, data quality & processes for performance and risk management.


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