Actuary Consultant

Job description

Join our team and apply your analytical mind and people skills to interacting with our clients and delivering insights on financial statements and systems, while discovering many aspects of business and financial services.

Who you’ll be working with

The commercial world is constantly changing. Our clients face new regulations, shifting legislation and fluctuating economic and financial risk. Our team of specialists knows that risk are just opportunities in reverse. We’re passionate about what we do because we know our role goes far beyond checking figures and financials. Using deep-dive analysis to provide actuarial insight, we clients spot pitfalls before they become problems, weigh the pros and cons and connect the dots so they can make informed, intelligent and insightful decisions that help them to mitigate risks and maximise opportunities.

Actuary Consultant

What work you’ll be doing

  • Advise our clients on actuarial issues in relation to Solvency II and IFRS 4
  • Conduct Actuarial Life and/or Non-Life modelling
  • Provide actuarial support to Deloitte’s financial auditors of insurance companies and pension funds
  • Engage in assignments where Deloitte takes up actuarial functions in national and international companies

How you’ll grow

  • While becoming proficient in the tools and systems, you’ll expand your knowledge of actuarial services and audit
  • Increasingly, you’ll take the lead on projects and coach your colleagues
  • As you grow in your job, you’ll take on a more senior role and be responsible for the quality of end-deliverables and deal with clients
  • As you become proficient in combining these various skillsets, you’ll continue to develop your management competencies

What’s in it for you

  • You’ll grow your knowledge and skills of actuarial services, as well as your financial and business development capabilities
  • You’ll gain hands-on experience working on some of the world’s most complex actuarial projects for national institutions and/or international financial groups in the banking, asset management, insurance and payment industries
  • You’ll expand your network as you work on a diverse range of projects growing your professional experience and relationships

Who you are

  • You’re a brilliant mathematician and statistician and see the value in data and accuracy and spot insights where others see numbers
  • You believe your critical and analytical mind and natural people skills are your greatest assets
  • You enjoy collaborating closely with clients daily and supporting their businesses
  • You have the innate ability to understand a problem without getting lost in details, making it easy to deliver insights on financial statements and systems
  • You’re motivated, independent and have a desire to work in the financial sector (banking, insurance, funds, consulting)

What is your educational background?

You have a Masters in Financial & Actuarial Engineering or Insurance.