Digital Consultant

Job description

Join our innovative and fast-growing Deloitte Digital team to develop disruptive solutions and state-of-the-art processes for our clients in an environment where the worlds of business, creativity, and technology intersect.

Who you’ll be working with

Digital is the future and the future is digital. Inspired by the possibilities technology presents, our team creates and develops disruptive innovations and forward-looking processes. It’s what keeps us bringing our best to work every single day. Passionately inquisitive, we help our clients to rethink how they connect with customers, then support them in shaping digital strategies that speak to consumers in a way that makes sense.

What work you’ll be doing

  • Explore current and evolving digital platforms and guide our clients to embrace it in a way that their brand reaches customers
  • Develop unconventional solutions in digital marketing, omnichannel commerce and next- generation customer service
  • Advise our clients on digital change so they can keep relevant in social media, web and mobile environments
  • Help clients keep pace with their changing requirements and digital solutions
  • Educate and develop users through training and workshops

How you’ll grow

  • Working with clients to solve their problems, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of business challenges and how digital solutions can help
  • Practical hands-on experience working with other specialists will give you the desire to explore and master new technologies
  • You’ll develop an expertise in the following areas: Digital Strategy & Experience, Digital Customer and Digital Commerce, Content & Marketing.

What’s in it for you

  • You’ll work with committed people who believe that technology can solve many of the world’s greatest challenges
  • You’ll be immersed in an imaginative environment where you’re pushed to go beyond the edge of what’s possible
  • You’ll continue to enhance your skills with training and become an expert in working ‘Agile’

Who you are

  • You don’t accept the status quo and embrace this ever-changing environment
  • You’re fascinated with new technology and see all its possibilities 
  • You’re an early adopter and are constantly keeping an eye out for the next big thing 
  • You’re open-minded and excited by turning bright ideas into brighter solutions
  • You’re eager to help others understand the potential of digital and apply it to their business

What is your educational background?

You have developed a strong affinity with the latest digital innovations and are interested in new technologies. The Deloitte Digital team welcomes Masters with a background in ICT, Commercial, Civil and/or Industrial Engineering.

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