Software Asset Management Consultant

Job description

Software licenses are high on the agenda of CIOs and CFOs these days as they are an important part of the IT budget, and hence have to be managed well. The Deloitte Software Asset Management (“SAM”) team is made up of experienced software and other IT practitioners, leveraging significant industry experience to assist clients around the world in managing the multi-layered complexity of SAM programmes.

Who you’ll be working with

Software touches every part of an organisation so it’s vital to get an overall sense of the software an enterprise has. Since software licenses are high on the agenda of CIOs and CFOs these days as they are an important part of the IT budget, we know they must be managed well. Our team of experienced software and IT practitioners track, document and monitor our clients’ software assets because they know with the increasing amounts of digital data, software has become an enabler of efficiencies.

What work you’ll be doing

  • Engage in a diversity of projects to build your experience in the field of SAM from focused diagnostics and vendor baselines to full SAM implementations
  • Gather and analyse data to help clients stay up to date with evolving trends
  • Understand our clients’ IT environment, their software estate and SAM processes through in-depth interviews
  • Support senior consultants and managers in all aspects of a project: planning, budgeting…

How you’ll grow

  • While becoming proficient in the methodologies and technologies, you’ll be responsible for the quality of end-deliverables
  • Increasingly, you’ll take on more responsibility as you guide consultants and be the point of contact for our clients
  • As you grow in your job, you’ll manage multiple projects and report to management
  • You’ll continuously hone your soft skills such as project management, coaching, report writing, and communication and presentation skills

What’s in it for you

  • You’ll become a subject matter expert in SAM as you work alongside top specialists
  • You’ll work on interesting and challenging assignments that inspires you daily with its diversity
  • You’ll develop your communication and project management skills as you work closely with our clients
  • You’ll expand your network as you work with professionals who will share their experience and coach you

Who you are

  • You’re a catalyst for change and embrace innovation and all its possibilities
  • You take a birds-eye view to projects so you have a holistic perspective
  • You’re open-minded, enthusiastic, flexible and care about your team
  • You love to expand your horizon and welcome work and travel to inspiring new places
  • You’re love applying IT management and business methods to help organisations

What is your educational background?

You hold a Masters in Information Technology, Business Engineering with a major in Information Systems Management or any other IT related degree.

We also welcome graduates with a business or financial background who have an IT related major.