Tax R&D Consultant

Job description

Join our team and work in a young and dynamic international environment helping our clients benefit fully from the R&D and IP tax incentives and grants, while being coached and expanding your technical knowledge.

Who you’ll be working with

The process of claiming R&D tax credits and incentives is highly nuanced. We get that. Unlike others, our young and dynamic team of specialists thrive on this complexity and see the opportunities. We combine deep tax technical expertise with highly experienced scientists and engineers so we can fully understand and consider the multiple aspects of an incentive claim to help our clients make the most of tax relief.

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What work you’ll be doing

  • Advise our clients in managing their R&D activities taking into account R&D related tax incentives
  • Collaborate with funding specialists to help our clients with local and European funding strategies
  • Assist our clients in filing advance tax rulings to secure the application of R&D and IP tax incentives in cooperation with our tax specialists
  • Support our clients with enquiries from tax authorities or other regulatory bodies and advise our clients on their Intellectual Property management
  • Monitor the R&D process in a transparent way and to facilitate compliance with regulatory changes

How you’ll grow

  • While becoming proficient in the tools and systems, you’ll expand your technical knowledge as well
  • Increasingly, you’ll take more responsibility and be involved in more complex R&D and IP projects for a varied portfolio of clients
  • As you take on a more senior role, you’ll learn how to delegate tasks and coach your junior colleagues
  • As you become proficient in combining these various skillsets and continue to develop your managerial competences, you may become a manager and take the lead on projects or a business advisor for clients

What’s in it for you

  • You’ll grow your knowledge as you access a broad range of learning opportunities and various technical databases
  • You’ll work with a team of experienced professionals who will coach you and share their technical expertise and help you develop your professional skills
  • You’ll expand your network as you work with colleagues and clients from diverse industries

Who you are

  • You see the value in data and accuracy and see insights where others see numbers
  • You understand the importance of learning the systems, tools and tax legislation to become a trusted advisor 
  • You’re drawn to science, technology or engineering and prepared to gradually develop deep technical skills to become a trusted Tax Consultant
  • You have an affinity for organisations which embrace innovation and state-of-the-art technologies

What is your educational background?

You have a Masters in Industrial or Civil Engineering, Computer Sciences or any other related technical degree. You have a Bachelors in Information Technology.

Your career path