TW Classic tickets for our #colleaguesforlife - Competition Rules 

Article 1 – General

1.1 These competition rules (referred to hereinafter as the “Rules”) govern the “TW Classic tickets for our #colleaguesforlife” competition (referred to hereinafter as the “Competition”) organised on LinkedIn, by Deloitte Services & Investments NV, whose registered office is situated at Luchthaven Brussel Nationaal 1J – 1930 Zaventem subscribed in the register of legal entities of Brussels under business registration number 0402.910.779 (hereafter “Deloitte”). 

1.2 Entering this Competition implies unconditional acceptance of the Rules. 

1.3 Entrants may not replicate these Rules or parts thereof, or publish them, without the express prior consent of Deloitte. 

Article 2 – Eligible to win

2.1 Entry conditions The Competition is open to all adult natural persons, who cumulatively satisfy the following conditions at the moment of registration: 

1) all Deloitte Belgium alumni (former employees, directors or partners of a Deloitte entity in Belgium) having registered for the Deloitte Belgium alumni programme;  

2) Currently living in Belgium; 

Only if the person registering cumulatively satisfies the abovementioned conditions will he or she be considered a participant (hereafter each a “Participant” and together the “Participants”) and is he or she eligible to become a winner of the Competition. 

2.2. In order to be eligible to win the Participant needs to be part of the Deloitte Belgium Alumni programme at the time of the announcement as set out in article 3.4.  

Article 3 – Procedure of the Competition

3.1 General 

The Competition starts on Monday 13 June 2022 and ends on Monday 20 June 2022. 

3.2 Registration 

To be able to enter the Competition the Participant must answer the quiz question as instructed in the LinkedIn post.   

3.4 Designation of Winners 

The winners will be selected randomly by an innocent hand. The winners of the prizes will hereinafter be referred to each as a “Winner” or together as the “Winners”. Winners will be announced on Tuesday 21 June 2022.  All Winners will be contacted personally by e-mail. Every Participant can only be selected as a Winner once for the entire duration of the Competition.  

Article 4 – Prize

4.1 Prizes 

The Competition enables the Participants to win a duo ticket to access the TW Classic festival on Saturday 25 June 2022.  

4.2 Conditions 

Deloitte cannot be held liable for any accidents or damage related (in)directly to any prize won. The prizes cannot be exchanged for their equivalent value in cash (or other goods). Prizes are non-transferable, indivisible and must be accepted as allocated.  

4.3 Presentation of prizes 

The Winners will be announced via Deloitte Belgium’s LinkedIn alumni group.  Deloitte reserves the right to hand the prize to the Winners and to use their name as well as photos/videos made during the awarding of the prizes for promotional purposes. 

4.4 Verification 

Deloitte reserves the right when the prize is claimed to check that the Winner complies with the Competition’s entry conditions. This will include identification of the Winners by presentation of their identity. If the registration details do not correspond with the person’s identity, the prize will not be presented and will be allocated to another person. 

Article 5 – Disqualification, Suspension or Cancellation

5.1 Disqualification 

Any breach of these Rules or any incident of fraud will result in the immediate disqualification of the Participant. Deloitte can disqualify Participants if in its own reasonable opinion there are clear and reasonably grounded suspicions of a breach of these Rules. Participants who are disqualified will be immediately and permanently excluded and may no longer enter the Competition. In all such cases, the decisions of Deloitte will be final and cannot be appealed. The Participants will refrain from any action that might jeopardise the good name of Deloitte or from utterances that might have adverse consequences for Deloitte’s business. In case the Participants do not respect this obligation, this can also lead to immediate disqualification of the Participant, without prejudice to the right of Deloitte to claim compensation for damages incurred.  

5.2 Force Majeure 

Deloitte reserves the right to shorten, suspend, modify or cancel the Competition in the event of any cause beyond their control or in the event of any case of force majeure rendering the Competition impossible in accordance with these Rules, such as, without limitation, in the event of the poor operation of the Internet or any other serious problem related to the telecommunication networks, computers or servers, Internet providers, IT systems or computer programmes. This will not lead to any liability for Deloitte. 

5.3 Reservation 

Deloitte also reserves the right to shorten, suspend, terminate or extend the Competition, or to modify the terms of entry,  or any other terms of the Competition at any time and at their sole discretion, including outside any situation of force majeure and without the Participants having any right of recourse on such grounds against Deloitte.

Article 6 – Costs

The entire cost of entering the Competition (Internet connection, etc.) will be borne by the Participants themselves. Under no circumstances may a Participant claim back the cost of his or her entry from Deloitte. 

Article 7 – Liability

7.1 Deloitte warrants that it will run the Competition in a professional manner, and with reasonable care and skill. It has no performance obligation but a reasonable endeavours commitment (“obligation de moyen”-“middelenverbintenis”). Except as set out in these Rules, all conditions, warranties and representations, express or implied by: (i) statute; (ii) common law, or; (iii) otherwise, including as to their performance, fitness for purpose or satisfactory quality, are excluded. 

7.2 Apart from cases of wilful misconduct or fraud, neither Deloitte nor its personnel, directors or any third party used by Deloitte in organising the Competition may be held liable for direct or indirect damage of any kind arising from entering or organising the Competition, designating the Winners and the allocation of the prizes even if Deloitte is notified of the risk of such damage, including damage caused as the result of interruption to or poor operation of the Internet or of the computer or Participant or of a person or company involved in the organisation of the Competition or any other problem related to the telecommunication networks, computers or servers, Internet providers, IT systems or computer programs; use of the website, including any discrepancy or virus that may affect and/or damage the computer equipment or other property belonging to the Participant. The liability of the parties mentioned in this paragraph may under no circumstances be increased as the result of any modification, suspension or termination of the Competition, as mentioned in article 5 above. 

7.3 If the Competition is terminated as the result of the behaviour of one of the Participants, Deloitte reserves the right to claim compensation for the damage incurred. 

Article 8 – Conflicts

8.1 Complaints 

The decision with regard to the identity of the Winners and the outcome of the Competition is final, binding, irrevocable and cannot be disputed by the Participants. Any other complaint in relation to this Competition or these Rules must be made in writing by registered letter sent at the latest 8 working days after the end of this Competition to Deloitte. 

Complaints lodged outside this period or not made in writing will not be dealt with. Under no circumstance will complaints be dealt with verbally or by telephone.  

In the event of any discussion regarding the application or interpretation of these Rules or the Competition, Participants undertake first to seek an amicable solution in consultation with Deloitte, prior to commencing any legal proceedings. With any complaint, the decision of Deloitte will be final, irrevocable and binding and no appeal against it will be possible. 

No disputes will be accepted in relation to the question and answers used in the Competition. If any of the provisions of these Rules should be deemed null and void, the other provisions of these Rules will remain undished. 

8.2. Applicable Law & Courts 

The Competition and these Rules are subject to Belgian law. Any dispute regarding the application of the Rules or the Competition will come under the sole jurisdiction of the courts in Brussels. 

Article 9 – Social Media

9.1 Competition Participants undertake to comply at all times with the rules that apply to the above social networks (and all applicable laws). 

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