Deloitte is a trusted partner for organisations, boards and executives across a multitude of industries regarding the formulation and implementation of a tailored, future-proof sustainability strategy.

The integrated sustainability strategy is facilitated through analysing the current sustainability position, defining concrete ambitions and developing a roadmap in order to ensure implementation.


Key drivers

The importance of a sustainability strategy

The world is currently facing several major challenges, ranging from climate change to social inequality. These challenges bring with them both internal and external pressure from stakeholders, propelling companies to a pivotal point in their environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts.

Companies with a well-defined sustainability strategy are ideally positioned to turn these pressures into sources of competitive advantage, which in turn will ensure a robust and resilient organisation with a positive impact on society.

Based on our research and expertise, four underlying aspects were identified that drive these sustainability benefits:

The societal license-to-operate needs to be safeguarded at all times in order to mitigate the risk of boycott, protest, societal pressure, …

In order to avoid negative consequences, companies need to adhere to a minimal level regarding all three pillars of the ESG framework. Crucial to this aspect is a clear and unambiguous view on the degree to which the people directly or indirectly involved in an organisation’s operations are aware of how its activities affect both the environment and society.

To ensure their license-to-operate of tomorrow, organisations need to have a future-proof sustainability strategy in place that is reviewed on a regular basis and enables them to become a trusted partner of all stakeholders and employees.

Customer preferences are tilting toward more sustainable products and services. Therefore, integrating sustainability within a company’s business strategy allows for new opportunities and avenues of growth in the form of next generation business models and new offerings.

By implementing a sustainability mindset and incorporating it into the culture of the organisation, cost reductions can be achieved, which in turn have a positive effect on bottom line profit.

Cost reductions are realised due to savings in energy, materials and waste, as well as due to an increase in productivity. Productivity increases are the result of enhanced employee morale surrounding organisational values, a clear mission and vision, enhanced workforce wellbeing, a diverse and inclusive company culture, and becoming a purpose-driven organisation.

This operational efficiency enables companies to continue to maintain the quality of their products or services while reducing their environmental and social effects.

Sustainability can be a key differentiator for businesses through multi-faceted value creation, including and not limited to financial benefits, societal benefits, measurable positive environmental impact, new customer segments, talent retention and attraction, access to capital, …

The generated value provides organisations with the competitive edge needed to stay ahead of their competition.


Our services

We support organisations, boards and executives in defining a concrete sustainability strategy that is fully integrated within the organisation’s business strategy, but also within the organisation’s culture, governance and values.

Based on the sustainability strategy, we can assist you in making strategic sustainability decisions such as defining environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives and initiatives that actively contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as prioritising client segments, services and product offerings in order to create and capture value from a sustainability perspective.

Using Deloitte's tools and frameworks such the Strategic Choice Cascade™, we then formulate and implement integrated sustainability strategies with the client to ensure the business and the organsation generate and capture sustainable value on the long term

  • Co-creation - To drive value & ownership, we work together with our clients to challenge, expand and collaborate on the way forward

  • Data-driven - Decisions and ambitions are based on the data analysis and interpretation, fostering a fact-based approach

  • Aligned - An integrated sustainability strategy, aligned with the corporate business strategy leads to a consistent & successful market approach

  • End-to-end - From defining the sustainability strategy to the implementation and monitoring phase

  • Specialized expertise - Bringing an external view on major trends & legislations and leveraging expertise in relevant industries

  • Holistic view - Through an internal and external stakeholder analysis a holistic view is obtained on the sustainability topics that matter most today and tomorrow

  • Goals and ambitions - Based on a materiality assessment and through interactive work sessions, specific goals and ambitions will be defined

  • Acceleration - To ensure implementation, different tools will be used such as a hands-on roadmap, pragmatic KPI's, a detailed action plan, ...


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We are a trusted partner for organisations, boards and executives across a multitude of industries, formulating and implementing a tailored, future-proof sustainability strategy by analysing the current sustainability position, defining concrete ambitions, and developing a roadmap.


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