Customers are demanding that businesses embrace sustainable finance. Employees and investors expect it. And increasingly, regulators mandate it. At Deloitte we help organisations change, meet the higher expectations of responsibility, and show the world they mean it.


Key drivers

The importance of sustainable finance

Financial institutions should continue investing in measures across the environmental, social and governance (ESG) space, even if regulatory measures on ESG risk reporting are postponed. One important reason: a value-based FSI sector not only benefits society, but also the industry itself. 

ESG performance impacts an organisation’s cost of capital.  ESG ratings appointed by external rating agencies give investors the opportunity to objectively compare organisations based on sustainability performance. A conscious investor may decide to exclude organisations with a bad ESG rating or only invest in best-in-class performers. 

Due to new regulations and directives entering the European market, for instance the EU Taxonomy and CSRD (amended NFRD), in the future investments will receive a sustainability label only when adhering to a set of requirements. This means certain organisations will no longer appear in sustainability funds, indexes or the offering of banks who profile themselves as sustainable. 

Organisations may turn sustainable finance risks into opportunities as well. A sustainable business can label the bonds and shares it issues as ‘sustainable’ and attract funding more easily in the market. Additionally, organisations may receive preferential interest rates if they can tie their investment to a sustainability linked loan. This means they make a commitment to make responsible decisions and reach certain sustainability targets, which makes the organisation less risky for the bank, leading to a lower cost of financing.

Using sustainable financing may boost an organisation’s reputation and differentiate it from its competitors. Positive publicity and media coverage may be a result of best practises. 

The increased transparency on the proceeds of investments strengthens trust in an organisation’s relationship with its stakeholders.


Our services

We can help you seize these opportunities by enabling you to manage and measure your non-financial impacts and engage in long-term value creation through our range of  services:

Performing environmental and social impact assessments, and identifying material sustainability drivers of financing performance.

Developing ambitious sustainable financing criteria and finance frameworks which drive meaningful improvements towards the set targets. 

Developing sustainable finance framework to govern and manage funds, with alignment to internationally recognized standards and EU Regulations if applicable.

Disclosure support of sustainability profiles to demonstrate credibility to investors and the market.

Assurance on information that companies prepare in view of obtaining sustainable financing. Certification of ESG disclosures. Providing assurance on compliance with EU Regulation requirements.

Sustainable Finance implies a major transformation in Finance and Risk reporting processes, calculation engines, systems data, and filling data gaps to properly manage risks and disclosures. Using our experience and knowledge with data management, modelling, and risk valuation we can help the FSI sector design reporting systems and track integration in sustainable finance strategy.

Translating regulatory know-how into tailored guidance provides insights to clients about sustainable finance regulatory trends. Especially our insights regarding peer practices and our non-financial assurance experience enable us to help financial institutions comply with reporting and general sustainability regulations. We can help implement recognised regulation such as EU taxonomy, NFDR, CSRD and SFDR.


Explore how we make an impact

We assist all market participants with the integration of sustainability into their business strategies and use our insights into peer practices and non-financial assurance experience to help them comply with reporting and general sustainability regulations. We also support data management, modelling and reporting and help financial institutions create value through sustainability.


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