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We launched our Accelerated by Cloud webinar series to put the spotlight on why Cloud is transforming the way we do business. Through a series of 6 webinar sessions and together with experts and supported by real cases, we shared insights and experiences on how Cloud can accelerate business objectives from different perspectives.

Episode 1: Why CEO's must take the lead

Episode 2: Data, AI/ML and Cloud

Episode 3: Sustainability & Security

Episode 4: Cloud enabled Business Models

Episode 5: Agility & People

Episode 6: Innovation & Architecture







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For each webinar session, we invited a cartoonist to draw a playful impression about our speakers and their messages. Find below an overview of the cartoon-style highlights of each session.

Experience the excitement of the Imagine the Future and Connect event at TheMerode

As the culmination of our Cloud Series webinars we shared, together with front-running companies and thought leaders from Telenet and the Brussels region, how Cloud is much more than a technology and how it accelerates business transformation. We also discussed the economic and technological trends of the 18 months to come with Bruno Colmant and Koen Vandaele.
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A thought-provoking panel discussion on the transformative power of cloud technology. Esteemed experts from various industries shared invaluable insights on how the cloud accelerates business transformation, enabling organizations to embrace agility, scalability, and digital capabilities. Engaging conversations that shed light on the limitless possibilities and opportunities that cloud adoption brings.


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