Food & Beverage Update

Third quarter 2013

This newsletter is a periodic compilation of financial and economic trends and certain completed and announced merger and acquisition activity in the food & beverage industry on a European and Belgian level.

European M&A activity in the food & beverage industry in the third quarter of 2013 increased by 20% (to 79 deals) compared to the reported deals in the previous quarter of 2013. The median deal size amounted to EUR 49m, considering the last twelve months. This is slightly lower compared to the median deal size of 2012 (EUR 50m).

Also the Belgian deal volume in the third quarter of 2013 showed to be higher compared to the second quarter of 2013 resulting in 32 announced deals during the last twelve months (compared to 22 deals over the full year 2012). During the third quarter of 2013, the most sizeable transaction on the Belgian market included the acquisition of Univeg, the Belgium based company engaged in the production and distribution of fruits and vegetables, by a consortium of investors led by the Hein Deprez Holding. Professionals from Deloitte and Laga supported the Hein Deprez Holding in this transaction.

To uncover new evidence about what makes companies successful in today’s economy, Deloitte undertook a comprehensive research project to identify, decode, qualify, and quantify the management practices that contribute the most to sustain superior corporate performance. Deloitte reviewed more than 200 companies across various industries that have consistently outperformed their respective markets over the last 10 years, both in terms of revenue growth and return on assets. These companies were called the “Super Achievers”. Specific patterns and rules that made these companies more successful than others were also analyzed for companies operating in the food & beverage industry.

More details can be consulted in the Deloitte Third Quarter Food & Beverage Newsletter.

Food & Beverage Update: Third quarter 2013
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