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Christmas Survey 2017

This year Belgians will spend 432 euros on Christmas

Brussels - 8 December 2017

Today Deloitte published its annual Christmas Survey, which takes a close look at the buying intentions of European consumers ahead of the year-end festivities. Belgians are modest spenders when you compare them to the European average. Belgian households on average spend 432€ on year-end-festivities, which is 13€ lower than the European average.

The amount houselholds spend on year-end festivites is expected to be almost the same as in 2016. The survey confirms the trend observed in the past few years across all European countries that people enjoy sharing Christmas dinner together and exchanging gifts
[Delphine Delahaut – Director Deloitte Belgium]: “Belgian households intend to spend the same amount on year-end festivities as they did last year (€432 instead of €430), which is slightly lower than the European average of €445. Most of the Christmas budget will be devoted to gifts and food and drinks.”

Still a december rush for Christmas shopping

The survey indicated that Belgians will do most of their gift shopping in December, only 24% indicated to do their shopping before December and 42% will wait until december 15th to do their Christmas shopping. Specialty chains hold onto their leadership position when it comes to gift purchases, except for food and drinks which are mostly bought in hypermarkets and supermarkets.

Long live brick and mortar for Christmas shopping

On average Belgians expect to spend 27% of their budget online which is a small increase compared to last year (25%) but is still much lower than the European average (36%). By comparison, in the UK and Germany, half of the gift budget is spent online.

Which gifts top Santa’s list?

Cash is the gift most preferred by Belgians yet again this year. Books, gift vouchers, restaurants and travel complete the top five.
The difference in taste between men and women is obvious in their respective Christmas wish lists. Men opt for travel and smartphones, while women prefer cosmetics/perfumes and beauty care, massages or spa treatments.
The most highly-anticipated gift for young children is a model construction toy. Educational toys and books come in second and third. For teenagers, money is the preferred gift, followed by video games and books.

Shopping according to age not income

Income level does not determine what a person likes to receive, however, age does. Cash is the top choice for adults younger than 55 while it’s only the fifth choice for the elderly. The latest gadgets and IT-related products (laptop/PC, video games, smartphones) rank high among youngsters, whereas the elderly would be happy to receive food-related gifts (restaurants, food and drink, chocolates).
Europeans also prefer to receive cash, but it is less popular than in Belgium. What’s more, receiving chocolates is one of the first choices for Europeans, which is not the case for Belgians.

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