Christmas survey 2018

Consumers change their shopping habits in 2018

This year Belgians will spend 441 euros on Christmas, mostly in stores, but new gifts are taking hold on Belgians’ wish lists including gifts with a charitable twist and subscription-based gifts

Two new types of gifts made it into the list of desirable gifts: gifts with a charitable twist and subscription-based gifts like Spotify or Netflix. Seven percent of Belgians would like a gift with a charitable twist. (More than in our neighboring countries.) Nine percent of Belgians would like a subscription, compared to two percent of British consumers and three percent of German and Dutch consumers.

The average Belgian Christmas budget for this year is €441, about the same as last year. Consumers plan to spend money on travel, socializing, food and drinks, and gifts. They will spend 44 percent of their budget on gifts and 34 percent on food and drinks.

Worries about the economy will keep many people from spending as much as they would like. We asked consumers about their overall view of the economy. Thirty-eight percent have negative perceptions of the economy, and 43 percent expect the economy to worsen in 2019.

Women and people over age 35 had more negative opinions of the economy than men and 18 to 34 year-olds. Lower income residents had more negative opinions than middle-to-upper-class residents.

Money is by far the most desired gift in Belgium this year. The three most popular gifts after money are books, gift vouchers and restaurants. The fifth most popular gift is cosmetics and perfumes.

Surveyors also released data on what consumers want from store clerks; most desirable gifts for children and teenagers; online shopping attitudes; preferences for retail store sizes; and how consumers research and find gifts.

Download the report or check out the highlights in the infographic.

Christmas Survey 2018

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