M&A activity amid COVID-19

Responsible decisions under pressure

In the midst of uncertainty, organisations may consider defensive or offensive mergers and acquisition activity to safeguard the company’s future or to accelerate the business model transformation. With businesses facing decisions, Deloitte offers the support needed to seize value opportunities.

Securing future growth

Deloitte provides lead advisory and specialised sell-side transaction services that help clients act upon urgent disposal requirements. We support strategic and financial buyers as they look for opportunities and subsequently execute acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, joint ventures, and alliances.

We are locally embedded and globally connected with integrated corporate finance capabilities. 

Mergers and acquisitions have certainly been affected by COVID-19 and the uncertainty it has created. Major economic changes are affecting the industry, with some companies set to benefit and others aiming to survive. They are looking for answers about how to prepare for the future.

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