Business continuity planning essentials

Responding to the current crisis

With strict measures in place to manage the COVID-19 outbreak, many organisations have been struggling to continue offering services and products to their customer base. Deloitte assists its clients by assessing existing continuity plans or by helping to develop a business continuity management (BCM) programme in line with ISO 22301 standards that meets their needs.

Disruption mitigation

Deloitte aims at helping you to identify and be prepared to respond to threats before they strike. Deloitte’s BCM approach starts with a thorough analysis of the organisation’s business processes to identify their critical activities, assess the business impact from major unplanned disruptions, understand the threats to their functioning, and either isolate them from danger or prepare the organisation for quick and efficient business resumption.

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It is not about believing you are prepared, it is about taking the relevant and pragmatic measures to be prepared for disruptive events.

Continuous improvement

Recognising that even mature BCM programmes need improvement and that business needs and the risk environment are constantly changing, Deloitte assists in evaluating the existing continuity plans and identifying areas of improvement to ensure a constant state of readiness.

Towards a more resilient organisation.

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