Managing a crisis

Proactive and prepared

Organisations are currently facing an ever-changing and increasing set of uncertainties and challenges in order to manage the COVID-19 crisis and remain resilient. Adopting a life cycle approach to manage crises will make them better equipped to take decisions at each phase and recover efficiently.

Strong crisis management

By using a life cycle approach to manage crises, an organisation is able to fortify its ability to avoid crises by focusing proactively on detection and risk management as well as on readiness and response. 

Deloitte offers a breadth of Crisis and Resilience services at each stage of the crisis lifecycle to support clients to identify, assess, prevent, prepare, respond, recover and emerge stronger from crises.

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Implementing pragmatic and effective crisis and resilience solutions enables organisations to respond rapidly and efficiently at each stage of the crisis, even amid great uncertainty.

(Interim) crisis response evaluation

Taking the time to reflect on the COVID-19 pandemic and the response (and recover) actions taken by your organisation to date. What have you learned so far? How can your organisation be even better prepared when a new crisis might hit you.

Truly effective crisis management goes beyond being reactive and simply protecting existing value. It also supports organizational resilience and powers future performance, thereby enabling an organization to emerge stronger.

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