The power of the Digital Accountant portal in coronavirus times

Does your paperwork no longer meet your need to have up to date and accurate figures continuously? The Digital Accountant portal provides the support you need to digitize your financial administration along with the necessary information in a fast, efficient, accurate and insightful way which you can then discuss with your accountant.

How do we proceed?

You can invoice via e-invoicing. Efficient processing of receipts via your smartphone is no longer a pipedream. It is also possible to link your bookkeeping automatically with your banking transactions. All you have to do is upload your incoming invoices to your portal. Your accountant will do the rest. We are able to provide you a streamlined, digital compliance service thanks to our ecosystem of business applications integrated with your portal. 

The result?

Say goodbye to the shoebox or drawer stuffed with paper documents. From now on, you can focus on your core business while keeping up to date. The Digital Accountant portal is your digital dashboard that you can access at any anytime from anywhere to send and receive notifications. Your dashboard enables you to focus fully on the figures that matter to you.

Analyse the past, predict the future.

Your portal provides a clear overview of your company's financial performance, and is specifically designed to help you keep your business on track. The real-time insights are tangible and always available. Thanks to the digitization of your and our processes, reporting is efficient, fast, personal and even more accurate. There is more time from now on to offer you extra added value through tax and legal advice or advice on your strategy, finances and operational processes. Your Deloitte Accountancy Trusted Advisor will be delighted to discuss your liquidity position with you - especially in these difficult coronavirus times. Together we can draw up a bespoke cash plan for you and conduct a stress test.

Digital Accountant

The power of the Digital Accountant 2.0 portal during Covid-19

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