B2B e-commerce and COVID-19

Thrive in the new normal

During this time of uncertainly, businesses need to break set patterns of thinking and respond to the situation, prepare to recover, and use the learnings to thrive in the new normal. Strengthening sales and service capabilities is likely to emerge as a core requirement.

Accelerating change

Given the rapidly changing market conditions, moving fast and adopting a minimum viable product (MVP) approach can enable organisations to capture ROI, customer feedback and learnings in the early stages, and serve as basis for a larger business transformation in the future. 

Deloitte enables companies to set up a cloud-based and scalable B2B e-commerce solution in only 4 to 12 weeks. In line with the required functionalities and automations, companies have the opportunity to leverage pre-built extensions (e.g. quick-order upload or user management) and flow optimisations (e.g. one-page checkout flow) based on Deloitte’s previous project implementations.

To further support the business transformation, Deloitte helps companies to review e-commerce related customer journeys, and tackle supply chain or tax and legal challenges.

It is important to consider how digital can support an organisation’s go-to-market model, what would be the main drivers to start an e-commerce channel, and which product lines, markets or customer segments could be a first target group to achieve fast e-commerce adoption and ROI.

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