Sourcing & procurement support in a crisis

Understand supplier risk profile, identify alternative sources of supply and manage cash levels

The domino effect of plant closures and supply shortages across the extended supply network due to current COVID-19 pandemic can quickly lead to significant supply chain disruption. It will be critical to understand the impact is has on your key Tier 1 supplier order fulfillment performance—providing maximum time to work with Tier 1 suppliers on alternative plans and/or to proactively identify alternative sources of supply. In addition, supplier contracts and payment terms might need to be reviewed and it will be critical to manage accounts payable closely, balancing the supply security and financial health of your suppliers with your own stock levels and working capital.

Sourcing & procurement support

To help secure supply for critical products from impacted regions, identify potential alternative sources and support you in preserving cash levels, Deloitte offers to act as a moderator supporting the identification of alternative supply source to synchronize demand and supply, review current contracts and payment terms and support in managing accounts payable.

COVID-19: Orchestrating the recovery of organizations and supply chains

Deloitte offers to support re-assessing the strategic fit of current suppliers with the new business needs, identifying alternative supply sources if required, and supporting accounts payable management.

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