Build a resilient supply chain

Risk management amid COVID-19

Facing significant disruptions in the supply of direct and indirect materials, companies will need to embrace new digital approaches to illuminate the supplier network to gain visibility of critical material and component supply as quickly as possible.

Rethink and transform your supply chain model 

Deloitte offers a complete and effective supply chain risk management solution: from setting up a risk response framework, through building a recovery operating model to drawing and implementing a risk management strategy. 

Facilitating unprecedented internal cross-functional collaboration and external coordination across the extended supply chain and ecosystem, Deloitte can successfully support companies through the upcoming recovery phase.

Deloitte provides the support needed to build a resilient supply chain focusing on visibility, flexibility, collaboration, and control.

COVID-19: Orchestrating the recovery of organizations and supply chains

Global supply chains have been impacted by both demand-side shocks and supply-side disruptions. With support, companies can recover and thrive and maintain operational flexibility to serve their customers.

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