Ensuring supply continuity

Illuminate your supply chain to reduce supply-side risk

Being able to manage and quickly understand risks across supply networks will require embracing a digital approach, having the ability to focus, and providing maximum time to work on actionable mitigations. Visibility on only Tier 1 suppliers will likely be insufficient for most organisations looking to manage supply disruption risks.

Supply Chain Illumination with CentralSightTM

Deloitte’s CentralSightTM solution leverages artificial intelligence, a machine learning-powered entity resolution platform, incorporating structured and unstructured data, and leveraging proprietary and subscription-based databases to illuminate supply networks in hours to days. It provides the ability to visualise a 12-tier deep, thousands of companies large, geographically disaggregated, and functionally specialised supplier ecosystem in a time-sensitive, cost-effective manner. 

With the tool, we can identify risks critical to cost, schedule, performance, security, and resiliency, and create decision space to provide executives the time to address those risks before they manifest as problems within business operations or national security.

COVID-19: Orchestrating the recovery of organizations and supply chains

Approximately 25 percent of the supply side disruptions occur at Tier 2+, which makes it critical to understand and illuminate risks well in advance, providing enough decision space for mitigation actions.

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