Cyber vulnerability

Building a cyber-resilient organisation

Cybersecurity is one of the most pressing challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Malicious actors have shifted their strategies to the next gear. They are taking advantage of the fear and uncertainty to target organisations, many of which are not ready to tackle the challenges.

Cyber vulnerability support

Managed detection & response

Cyber threat actors are increasingly taking advantage of COVID-19 to launch targeted phishing campaigns luring users into providing their credentials or installing malicious software.

Deloitte can help deliver 24x7 visibility and an automated response to cyber threats, including additional security for the remote workforce. We help organisations detect threats on laptops of users while they are working remotely and/or out-of-business hours and rapidly respond to these threats. 

Security assessment & network architecture review

During this period, multiple fake domains have been registered on a weekly basis, and multiple phishing campaigns are launched to trick employees into getting their credentials. Moreover, this pandemic has also forced organisations to shift to a new way of working (remote working), which increases the surface area of attack. 

Deloitte understands the challenges organisations are facing and can help:

  • Review the remote working infrastructure (configuration and network architecture review) to ensure that it is secure for employees to use.
  • Review security on all the perimeter devices such as web applications, servers, etc. exposed externally to ensure that they cannot be used as an entry point.
  • Set up an extra layer of security on internal networks (including internal server, mail server) by performing a security assessment and architecture review to identify the security loop which can potentially be utilised by an attacker to spread ransomware. 
  • In the situation of cyber crisis/incident, Deloitte will also help contain, eradicate and manage the crisis and allow the organisation to return to business as usual as soon as possible.
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