COVID-19 and the Cloud

The right technology to meet the COVID-19 challenges at speed

Cloud technologies unleash a full potential. Cloud enables organisations in responding to COVID-19 challenges and instantly support increased and variable amounts of remote work. Cloud is a key driver for agile delivery that will help organisations to recover and thrive new business opportunities. In addition, cloud is fundamental to cope with an unpredictable future. It enables companies to drive innovation and re-imagine the business at a higher speed than ever before.

Accelerate your move to cloud 

Deloitte advises and inspires clients on opportunities to unleash to the full potential of the Cloud. We design, prioritize and build Cloud Strategies and implementation roadmaps for our clients. 

Our teams deliver cloud migration services for automated and secured cloud journeys, build and integrate cloud native solutions and services into our clients’ existing landscape. We increase agility by setting-up DevOps including the full range of test and infrastructure automation.

At our clients, we also develop the capabilities to operate and thrive in the Cloud. We run Deloitte’s Cloud Managed Services (CMS) to design, build, and manage comprehensive cloud solutions to deliver the business value they require.

COVID-19 has accelerated the move to the Cloud for many organisations. Cloud provides the agility and scalability that can help companies weather this, and other crises, more effectively but also thrive to an even better performance afterwards.

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