Reopening after lockdown

A safe workplace for employees

The measures introduced to limit the spread of COVID-19 are being eased and offices and plants have started to gradually reopen. With ‘RestartNow’, Deloitte provides a continuous COVID-19 risk assessment and filtering programme to restart operations whilst ensuring a safe workplace for employees.


RestartNow is a three-stage process that includes self-assessment at home, on-premise temperature screening, and in-facilities social distancing compliance measures. Combined with back-office integration and contact tracing components, it is a comprehensive programme that allows operations to restart and ramp up while minimising the risks employees are confronted with. 

From a legal and privacy perspective, RestartNow has been developed following a compliance by design approach. Due to its configurable nature, RestartNow can be implemented in a manner compliant with GDPR in several countries. RestartNow is designed to help employers adapt their processes, leverage the right technology components, and develop a high accuracy risk mitigation process that will foster employee confidence in returning to work.

We have modular end-to-end reference architecture options with easy integration of additional hardware providers. Our implementation plan includes a very short-term set-up covering minimum requirements and short-term rollout phases. The current risk assessment questionnaire is based on medical recommendations. The current solution is running on ServiceNow and is portable to other platforms.

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Working remotely will be the norm for a while, but with the easing of restrictions, workplaces need to be prepared for the return of the employees. Digital programmes using Internet of Things can help secure the environment and reinforce employee confidence.

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