Setting HR priorities

Responding to a crisis

How do you focus on the right HR priorities to prepare for the market realities and ensure that your HR organisation is designed and ready to respond? How do you revise your HR programmes, processes and policies to engage talent and support HR related questions and processes digitally?

HR transformation

Deloitte helps organisations align HR priorities with the COVID-19 context, apply HR best practices from other (digital) organisations, and redesign the HR organisation to be able to create impact in an agile and adaptable way. We set up new fit-for-purpose HR programmes, processes and policies that enable HR delivery and effectiveness. We accelerate the organisation’s digital HR strategy, and select and implement HR tools and technology with a focus on those that create enhanced employee experience and productivity.

We deliver an exponential HR strategy and organisation to enable next-gen delivery, and HR services delivery design and engagement tools to propel the organisation forward.

Managing your Human Capital through COVID-19

HR leaders are uniquely positioned to help their workforce and organisation through the COVID-19 crisis, but for many this first requires a change of HR itself.

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