Ways of working and communicating in uncertain times

Increasing organisational resilience

Organisations must explore new ways of working to sustain and thrive in uncertain times brought forward by COVID-19. Strong leadership and communication will inspire employee trust and help the organisation to move forward and thrive.

Redesigning the organisation and ways of working

With the world as we know it changing in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are facing many questions. How do they align their organisational structure with market realities or handle the re-skilling of new workforce segments? What do they need to do to define a new operating model and build an adaptable organisation? How do they redesign their ways of working and accelerate their adoption? 

Deloitte helps companies redesign their organisational structure and supports learning needs, introducing integrated HR tools and training employees on future of work impacts that have been accelerated, where needed. We can set up strategic workforce planning, launch organisational agility programmes, and assess talent in place and talent gaps. We also assess and plan for future capability demands, and set up workforce transition plans and simulate possible scenarios.

We work with strategic workforce planning, 360 skills assessment, and our Skill Academy to make a difference for our clients. 

Managing your Human Capital through COVID-19

We believe that resilient leaders can guide organisations through this crisis and manage key human capital challenges, such as introducing new ways of working and managing workforce cost and engagement. Equipping leaders to prioritise and gain control of the narrative will build confidence.

Strong leadership and communication

In the midst of a crisis, leadership and communication are of essence. Strong strategies can help organisations to turn the disruption into something meaningful for talent, sustain internal and external engagement, lead the organisation into the future taking into account the ‘new normal’, and (re)instill trust.

Deloitte helps companies align and coach leadership on how to move forward and be loyal to the organisation’s mission. We help develop an employer value proposition (EVP), ensure employee and ecosystem engagement, set up or review succession planning, and assess the leadership in the organisation of tomorrow. 

Our Leadership Scan and Employer Branding Scan enable organisations to stay a step ahead.

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