Managing rewards and mobility

Changes in a crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant effect on the economy and businesses. Organisations may need to review their workforce reward and benefit packages and adapt their global mobility and travel policies considering the impacts and unique challenges of remote working.

Developing the right policy

Deloitte helps organisations stay faithful to their reward philosophy and purpose. We ensure companies prepare well before cutting pay, implementing salary sacrifices or granting additional incentives to ensure buy-in from their stakeholders and to remain compliant and efficient from a tax perspective. 

We work together with clients to re-think their incentive schemes, and their approach to global mobility and business travel to align with a new market normal, considering employees may come to expect more flexibility, while employers seek ways to cut costs and work globally with less spend.

Our teams provide:

  • Compensation & Benefits scan
  • Executive remuneration framework
  • Payroll incentives focus
  • Impact modelling of change options to global mobility and travel policies
  • Global tax, social security and immigration compliance tracking for mobile employees
Managing your Human Capital through COVID-19

We face a new reality that has changed the way we work and travel. Organisations need to adapt their reward and benefits packages and mobility schemes to meet the needs of the organisation, as well as their employees

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