Managing the impact on the workforce

Navigating through the crisis

While not all organisations had embraced remote working prior to the crisis, it has become the new norm. But how can organisations make sure that the work is done, the employees have the flexibility to be more efficient and productive, that the well-being of employees is taken care of, and that they manage personnel matters effectively?

Employment law & impact regulatory framework

Deloitte helps organisations with the implementation of a telework policy, in which clear guidelines are set out, and clear arrangements are made, in dialogue with the present consultative bodies. We identify alternative working models, taking into account the strict working time regulations, and identify and select measures to introduce flexible working time regimes. 

We propose cost saving measures required on the short and long term, considering concurring formalities and timing restraints. We work together with our clients to identify, understand and prioritise the right government incentives (e.g. to reduce personnel cost) while taking into account specific needs and context.

Our teams make a difference by offering:

  • Flexibility audit
  • Legal health, Safety and Well-being scan
  • Social COVID-19 due diligence
  • Telework legal compliance check
  • Advice & prioritisation on use of government incentives
Managing your Human Capital through COVID-19

Organisations that were not used to their employees working from home face a new set of challenges. However, with the scale and duration of remote and hybrid working, so do organisations that had a well-establish policy prior to the crisis. Everyone needs to consider the people and legal impact.

Workforce & engagement

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a new set of challenges for organisations. Working toward flexible scenario planning for employees, managing talent supply and demand in a more adaptable way, addressing mental and physical well-being, and creating a new culture in line with the new reality are just a few of the considerations. 

Deloitte helps organisations identify (newly demanded) core capabilities for the mid and long term. We set up a continuous listening approach to help companies understand the workforce health, well-being and safety perceptions as well as the agility and readiness for future new ways of working. 

Our teams help align performance management with identified capabilities, re-assess current organisational values, and define the new employee experience. 

We provide four different scans to assess the key domains to focus on: 

  1. Culture & Change Scan
  2. Health, Safety & Well-being Scan
  3. Engagement Scan
  4. Organisational Network Analysis Scan

In addition, our People Analytics Platform and Human Capital as a Service offerings help to address these improvement domains in an agile and sustainable way.

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