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Five new firms recognised as Best Managed Companies

Golazo, Soudal Group, Easyfairs, Thomas & Piron and Exki recognised for leadership

Brussels, Belgium – 3 May 2019

A six-member independent jury led by Françoise Chombar, CEO and co-founder of Melexis, has recognised twelve companies for their clear strategy, extensive expertise, drive and outstanding financial performance. They did so in the context of the second edition of 'Best Managed Companies’ in Belgium. From now on, Golazo in Limburg, Easyfairs and Exki in Brussels, Soudal in Turnhout and Thomas & Piron in Luxembourg can proudly bear the quality label. Last year's seven winners also convinced the jury once again and will retain their 2018 title.

Deloitte Private and Econopolis have been searching for hidden gems in the Belgian entrepreneurial landscape since 2018. For the second edition this year, they are partnering with KU Leuven. Alongside Chombar, this year the jury consisted of academic Koenraad Debackere and renowned entrepreneurs Geert Noels, Rik Jacob, Rik Vera and Yves Noël. The companies were subjected to a rigorous and independent selection procedure which mainly assesses the company’s management skills and practices.

Nikolaas Tahon, Managing Partner of Deloitte Private: “We consider it important to involve both academics and entrepreneurs in our search for successful Belgian companies. With this jury, we have brought together six hands-on experts from various sectors who are firmly grounded in reality and have a broad view of what makes a company successful. Today's winners recognise the importance of investing in innovation, show exceptional leadership and are driven to stimulate growth. This puts them a step ahead of the competition.”

12 companies from 7 provinces awarded title of Best Managed Company

In 2018, CE+T, EASI, E.D.&A., LVD Company, Protime, Vanbreda Risk & Benefits and Vandersanden Group received the Belgium Best Managed Company quality label. They succeeded in combining a clear strategy, strong capabilities, company commitment and sustainable growth and can therefore bear the quality label for a year. These seven laureates successfully managed to extend their title in the second edition of Belgium Best Managed Companies. They will be joined by five new winners this year.

Nikolaas Tahon: “We are pleased that our 2018 winners have proven once again that they are solid companies achieving sustainable growth. And certainly that our second edition includes 5 new companies, in more provinces than before. For example, the province of Antwerp now has four companies with the title of Best Managed Company, Limburg and Brussels have two companies and Luxembourg, West Flanders, Walloon Brabant and Liège each have one company.”

Antwerp (3) Soudal Group, Vanbreda Risk & Benefits, Protime, E.D.&A.
Limburg (2) Golazo, Vandersanden Group
Brussels (2) Easyfairs, Exki
West Flanders (1) LVD Company
Walloon Brabant (1) EASI
Liège (1) CE+T
Luxembourg Thomas & Piron
  * the new winners from 2019 are shown in bold


About Best Managed Company

In 2017, Deloitte Private launched Belgium Best Managed Companies in collaboration with Econopolis. The programme aims to provide guidance and recognition for Belgian privately owned and managed companies which achieve excellent results.

The globally proven framework is used to assess their leadership qualities and practices in the areas of strategy, talent, drive and financial performance. Companies wishing to participate in the programme must have a turnover exceeding 10 million euros. They must have been established for at least 5 years, with over 25 full-time employees and a majority stake (> 60%) owned by a Belgian resident, person or entity. The company's HQ or a major decision centre must also be located in Belgium. The companies must also be fully compliant from a legal, tax and ethical perspective.

The 'Best Managed Companies' label is intended to become an international label denoting quality and excellence. The programme was developed 26 years ago in Canada and has already been rolled out in Chile, Ireland, Mexico and the Netherlands. It will soon also be launched in Australia, France, the US, the UK, Germany, Scandinavia, Scotland, China, Japan and other countries.

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