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Belgium Best Managed Companies programme is supported by key partners, next to Deloitte Private.

Deloitte Private

By serving many of Belgium’s successful family companies and entrepreneurs, Deloitte Private has earned a reputation as a trusted advisor. Deloitte Private’s tailored solutions blend its deep expertise and experience to deliver the best possible outcomes to its valued clients.

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Econopolis aims to be a quality label for financial-economic investments and advice. The organisation was born during the financial crisis of 2008-09. That means that Econopolis had a blank page on which to design a new organisation, taking account of everything that went wrong in the financial sector. Econopolis invests continually in creativity, quality and human talent. They also screen their financial partners for their sustainable features, ethics and transparency.

Within the strategy, Econopolis looks at the long term, they are not swayed by the issues of the day. They communicate clearly and openly about their strategy and insights. In that way they build long-term relationships with the investors and their funds. That is the best guarantee for success and satisfaction.

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KU Leuven

KU Leuven’s Hidden Champions-chair seeks to investigate job creation and profile characteristics of fast-growing companies, and follow-up of (potential) 'hidden champions' – midsized privately owned companies who deliver excellent business performance.

In this context, the chair’s expertise in long-term analysis of business performance and success provides privately owned companies in Belgium with scientific/objective criteria to benchmark themselves against the market and their peers.

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