The Best Managed Lab experience

Defining your path to becoming one of Belgium’s Best

Belgium set-up of Best Managed Lab enables companies in the Best Managed network to successfully employ best practices through a tailored 180-day action plan. The Lab is an immersive one-day experience designed to enable leaders to gain valuable insights into their business.

Your lab experience

Deloitte’s experienced facilitators will help you take your business to the next level by developing a tactical roadmap and leverage these insights to better your business. Learn to emulate the Best, succeed in a constantly changing economic landscape and sustain outstanding performance.

1. Leading practices

Best Managed companies successfully employ best practices, evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Strategy
  • Commitment
  • Capability
  • Financial

You’ll uncover how winning companies continue to define success in each of these areas and how you can adopt their methods in your everyday business transactions.

2. Self-rating

You’ll rate your company’s activities against leading practices. Discussing gaps between your current practices and those of Best Managed companies, we’ll identify why those gaps exist and tailor remediation measures for your organisation.

3. Barriers and challenges

  • What is stopping you from employing leading practices?
  • What is urgent vs. important? 
  • What does your talent pool look like? 
  • How can you better manage relationships? 
  • What challenges are unique to your company?

4. 180 days action plan

Together with your management team we will work to develop a clear action plan addressing the top 3 barriers and/or challenges identified. You’ll leave with defined tactics to integrate the findings into your business planning.

Plan your BM lab experience

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Our goal is to help your company successfully employ Best Managed Companies leading practices and set a framework for continued growth and improvement.

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